Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #15

    Today I would like to express how thankful I am that I have a creative mind.  Although I've found that many of you are super fabulous and I have a hard time keeping up, I'm still able to create in my own way.  My step-mom, my mom, both of my sisters and my brother and many others I know have the hardest time creating things about wouldn't get near a sewing machine or even a glue gun.  Although great people they  lack creativity which I think is also linked to having a good imagination.  When I was younger my parents always talked about what a great imagination I had....I could sit and play by myself for hours just using my imagination.  They couldn't put me in the corner b/c I would have fun playing with my hands if need be!        
I would say I get this from my dad who although doesn't have the schooling works along side Engineers because he is able to look at something and tell them how they could make it work better.  His suggestions are usually simple and cheap...he is a total DIYer...practically built his house on his own alongside my granddad (his dad).  I'm proud that I inherited this ability from him, I find it very useful!  My husband likes to spend his spare time playing video games....I think....all that time spent and what came out of it?  I sit and create for an hour and come out with something tangible to be proud of!  I love to shop, play with my son, spend time with my family, watch tv, browse on the internet...so many things but creating is who I am.
So thankful that this is who I am!

                                                                   It's a Boy Ribbon
                                                                            Bat Raja
                                                                           Spider Raja
                                                                           Stinky Raja
                                                                Trick or Treat Buckets
                                                                     Hat Box Storage
                                                                         Jewelry Box
                                                           Christmas Wreath and Bow
                                                                    Money Envelopes

Inspired by Thanksgiving


  1. I too am thankful for having the ability to be creative. I love that I can see that Caden will have this gift too. It make you proud when you create something and everyone else thanks it wonderful too. Keep up the great work.

  2. Nice post. I am thankful also for being creative. It is a huge part of my life! I so can relate to the video game playing husband--what a waste. Oh course my husband has a fish cave (his man cave) and I guess he shows his creative abilities in how he displays his tanks.

  3. A Fish Cave? That is interesting and sounds creative! We don't have the space for Mike to have a what we always called a "Playroom" anymore...our playroom is now for the kiddos I babysit! Mike is a hard worker, somewhat handy man that can cook so he isn't totally useless :-) but as far as hobbies go....I just can't get into video games!