Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #23

    I'm thankful for who I am today.  Of course I have 27 years under my belt that have molded me into the person I am today; and I couldn't possibly lead you through that in detail.  There have been many ups and downs as I'm sure everyone experiences ups and downs in their lives.  But even for the rough times I am thankful because without them I might be a totally different person.  I believe that although far from perfect I have turned out to be a good person with firm beliefs and strong morals.  Just a few examples of what I mean; My mom was just 16 when I was born and my dad 18 but my dad stuck around for me; imagine how different my life would be if my dad at 18 decided he didn't want a kid yet!  Eventually I ended up moving in with him at age 12 and we moved to a different county...which I also believe was the best move ever for me!  I had a very hard time in Elementary and Middle school...I was definitely not hanging with the cool kids; quite the opposite really.  So when we moved to another county when I was entering into high school I was able to be a different person....or the person that I was but the people in the new county didn't know me and didn't know my past so they were able to get to know me as a high schooler and not the insecure middle schooler!  What if I never moved in with my dad?  I would have obviously stayed with my mom and wouldn't have changed churches so would I have eventually left and ended up in the Faith I lead now?  Would I continue to be that insecure girl? ....just small examples but if you think about your past and the road you have traveled...just one turn could make things so different.  But I'm thankful where my road has led and the person I am today.

Inspired by Thanksgiving

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  1. It's hard to see the positives in rough times, but you're right, they make us who we are today!
    Looking back I can understand the importance of experiencing what I did, good or bad.