Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm back from a wild weekend! it seems like it has been forever and well it has been a few days!  I stepped away from blogland for a few days to enjoy the long weekend.  Thanksgiving was great; A LOT of yummy food and time well spent with family.  That night my husband, my dad and I decided to join the masses in some midnight craze for good deals!  So we left the little man to sleep at his Mamaw's b/c she had no desire to get out and about to shop at midnight.  Not a huge fan that Black Friday started at midnight at so many stores but we did get some good deals.  Mike and I went to Best Buy while my dad went to H H Gregg....we all got what we set out for after standing outside in the cold for an hour and a half.  But hey at least we weren't out there since Sunday or even Wednesday morning....yes there were people at Best Buy w/ tents and all since Sunday morning...CRAZY!  But Mike and I got a new computer which we needed so bad; so now I'm trying to learn how to use it and I've ran into some glitches so please excuse me for a while until I can get this machine figured out!  After getting our top list of goods we headed home for some sleep just to wake up and go back out  :)  I got so much Christmas shopping done too so I'm very happy about that b/c I was dragging at the Christmas shopping department; still plenty to do but making some head way has given me the encouragement to get it done!  We did get our tree up Friday evening after a day full of shopping; which consists of rearranging our living room and some other areas of the house b/c our house works for us on a regular day but to get a tree and other items out...we have to make some space.  But hey it's just for one month right?!  Saturday I got some more shopping done and some much needed cleaning around the house so Sunday it was crunch time and  I for the most part finished the decorating, got the house all tidied back up and did some more shopping  :)  I love Thanksgiving's hectic but I get to spend time w/ family, eat yummy food that I don't have to cook, spend A LOT of time with my two favorite guys, do A LOT of fabulous shopping and decorate for Christmas.  What more could a girl ask for!? 
But I'm back and have a fun project to share with you today so stay tuned!  I hope you had as great a weekend as I did

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  1. Hey just stopping by to say thanks for being a great follower of Hating Martha! I am happily following your site as well! Hating Martha hit 100 followers and is having a fun prizey giveaway tomorrow...I didn't want you to miss it. Cause, you are one of the firstest followers. Yeah you!