Friday, October 21, 2011

Spider Raja

    As promised today I will show you how to turn a Chihuahua (or any other dog) into a spider
..........Well for Halloween anyways!

   (Raja; Halloween 2006...she makes a pretty cute little spider doesn't she!?)

    Here is how I did it!  Keep in mind, although I'm no where near "great" at sewing now....I was definitely not when I made this costume for Mrs. Raja.  I simply took a few measurements that I thought I might need; around her neck, around her belly and her length from front to back.  In order for the costume I had in mind to work; Raja would need a sweater or coat of some sort because where we live, Halloween can get a wee bit chilly and because of Raja's size she gets cold easily.  She didn't have nor could I find a black sweater or coat so I would have to come up with this myself.  So the measurements I took were for the coat I was going to attempt to make her.  

I bought black fleece large enough to have two layers for Raja's coat, I cut out the pattern of my coat. (sorry I do not have pictures of the step by step process since this was before my blogging days)...I cut out the pattern twice so that I could layer them and sew them together.  I did not need to sew them inside out to keep from having frayed edges because fleece does not fray.
 (Above picture is the finished product but you can see the pattern I cut out and sewed together)

I also cut four small holes on each side of one layer so that after sewing the layers together I would be able to insert the legs.  

The legs:

    As you can see the legs are pipe cleaners.  I took 1 purple and 1 black pipe cleaner and twist them together.  I did this eight times for eight legs.  I then inserted a leg into each of the holes I had previously cut in the top layer of fabric and put a little hot glue into each hole to hold the legs in place.

   (I applied velco with adhesive on the back n the spots where the coat would secure around Raja)

Definitely the cutest spider I've ever seen!!
Come back Monday to see how well Raja plays a skunk!

Inspired by Spider Raja

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  1. Oh my gosh that's cute. Wonder if I could scale it for my 90 lb. Black lab. That would be a sight!

  2. Maybe!? Not so sure they make pipe cleaners that big though! :)

  3. I'll second that, that that is the cutest spider I've ever seen with a wagging tail!

    Miss (Mrs?) Raja is adorable!

    Your Follower from NW IL,

  4. This is so cute! And clever!

    Thank's for your comment today on my blog and for your encouragement.