Friday, November 18, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #18

    Thanking God for always providing no matter the circumstance.  Just as most we have gone through tough times but as I've stated before we've never gone hungry, we've not had to go without much of anything really.  Even when we struggle we are able to pay our bills and put food in our mouths.  The reason this is on my mind today is because yesterday Mike was supposed to get his first paycheck from his new job and well there was a mix up with the new-hires checks and the checks either went to the wrong department/shift or they got mailed.  Well he went in today to find out that they did go to the wrong department/shift and due to crappy communication apparently the checks were then mailed.  I mean really?  Mailing a check to someone who is going to be there for 2nd shift.  My dad assures me that this is normal at a lot of companies that are as big as the one that Mike is now working for....but I just think it's stupid.  So....the check we were expecting yesterday isn't going to get to us until tomorrow or Monday...even if we get it tomorrow it wont make it to the bank until Monday....I know this thankful post  is sounding awful negative....indeed I'm frustrated b/c I find this whole process ludicrous!  But you know what?.... we are going to be fine, we are going to get gas in our cars and the paycheck will get here when it gets here.  In this economy we are so blessed that we have a paycheck in route.  With that said...Mike got a very nice check last week from his old job that contained his hours, some paid out vacation time he had not taken, they didn't take out for insurance and they didn't even take out taxes....last week I was like....come on, why didn't they take out taxes???  Now, maybe God knew we needed the extra dollars to pay all the bills in the folder because this weeks check was going to be late and He knew that.  We don't always see the big picture, I get very easily frustrated and worry about things that are WELL beyond my control.  I have a very hard time just trusting that God has it covered, but he always has, always does and always will!  Thank God for being so much larger than any problems that could ever come my way!

Inspired by Thanksgiving

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