Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #2

As yesterday I made it clear that I'm extremely thankful for my I want to express how thankful I am for another man in my life.  My husband, of course I wouldn't have Gregory without him.  He is my support system, even when I cannot count on anyone else; Michael is always there for me.  Yeah sometimes he could care less about the craft I did or he would prefer to go hunting than shopping with me....he is my best friend!  He works so hard to do his part in financially supporting our family.....this past summer he worked his full time job which usually was six days a week and then he would mow grass or whatever other odd end job afterwards.  He lacks in romance but I'm working on that....any advice would be appreciated!  No he isn't perfect but he strives to be great!....and he puts up with me!

Just a few pictures of my husband and his awesomeness!
(Look at all of Gregory's hair!!  I miss it and want it back but mommy keeps cutting it too short!...this is on vacation...Gregory and daddy napping!)

                                               (At the zoo!  Daddy attracting the birds!)

                            (Daddy and Gregory riding the John Deere train at the pumpkin patch!)

                                            (Daddy walking w/ Gregory as he trick or treats!)

and just b/c I'm sure you're curious about the little guy in that costume:

Mike is a wonderful daddy and a great husband!

Inspired by Thanksgiving


  1. Awe, You all are so cute. Mike is a great guy. Your a lucky woman with a beautiful family. So funny that mike fit in that barrel. G's costume was adorable.

  2. Yeah we weren't sure if Mike would fit but he managed! We were actually joking that if Mike wouldn't fit my dad would go b/c my dad is 5'5"!! I am pretty dern lucky!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Flower Girl Tutu with Petals and the Faith page. I appreciate your sweet words! Good luck with the tutu and flower tutorial. I hope it goes well! You have such a precious family!

  4. Thanks Amber! I'm pretty fond of them! You are very inspiring and I'm so happy to have you as a blogger friend!

  5. Mike is a great hubby and father, you did good girl! And I'm sure they are both thankful for you, you're an amazing mommy and wife! :)