Monday, November 7, 2011

A Christmas Post

    With so many people making posts of their Christmas decorations I just had to join in.  I don't decorate my home until after Thanksgiving but a couple of years ago I decorated this wreath for our front door.  When I was younger, my younger sister and I decorated wreaths or mini trees almost every year!  This one is pretty simple.  I got everything I used at Walmart the day after Christmas so it was all like 75% off!  LOVE a good sale!

So I made the bow by cutting off the desired amount from the roll.  I made the several loops around and secured them by wrapping them in the middle (the ribbon is wired).  Okay so I'm still not great at bows....I just winged it but hope this year to learn how to really make a bow!

I looped the same ribbon around and through the wreath.  Wired in some glittery icicle ornaments.  The End!  Super simple!

                 (The lights were already on the wreath....everything I used I got for sale after Christmas!)

Inspired by the Christmas Spirit

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  1. Pretty--I have started decorating and am having so much fun. I too am finding stuff I bought last year at Walmart in their after Christmas sale. I usually don't decorate until after thanksgiving but this year decided one month isn't long enough to have my stuff out.:)

  2. I have thought a lot this year about the Christmas excitement but I will wait to decorate...I however will not wait to go Christmas shopping or watch Christmas movies!!!

  3. The wreath is pretty and I'm no pro, but I think the bow looks really good! :)

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and commenting on the Homemade Stockings. I am glad you like them! Love this wreath! So pretty!

  5. Very pretty wreath. I just finishes today after a week of hall decking! I am exausted, it is a lot of work, as I have a huge tree and the rest of the house and all...I need to crash early, but happy! Thanks for sharing. FABBY

  6. I'm trying to hold out but there are already so many reminders that Christmas is near that it's hard! Congrats on getting all of yours done!

  7. I think you did a fine job at making the bow! I didn't realize it was a lighted wreath. What a great way to save money... I always buy the left over holiday decorations and re_new them for the next year :)

    Thanks for sharing this too!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  8. I love that it lights up. Great job on the bow-I stink at making bows.

  9. I stink at bows too! Whenever I try to make any I sit there and wing it and hope it turns out "ok" in the end! I need lessons! But thanks, I was glad with the end result!