Monday, November 14, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #13

                                                            (Gregory when he was brand new!)

I apologize that this is a day late, yesterday was a busy day and I actually didn't even realize that I failed to let you know what I was thankful for until almost 11pm when I was already in bed!  Going along with my post from Saturday I wanted to re-visit how thankful I am for newborn babies.  I think it's pretty normal but every time I know someone who has had a baby I just want to go see them so I can see their precious miracle!  As poor of a cook as I am I'm all about preparing a meal for the new mommy and daddy....and it's a HUGE bonus that when dropping off the meal you get to see the baby!  What could be more miraculous....this tiny person was formed in their mommy's womb...God is so incredibly awesome!  This past Saturday we went up to see a friend of mine whose baby is about 2 weeks old, another friend of mine just had a baby on Friday....10lb 12oz...OUCH!  I know for those of you who have struggled to have your own little miracle I know how hard that wait can be but there may be a different plan for you...and I know that you don't want to really hear that either.  There are so many little miracles that need a Momma to love them though!  No matter how they come to you they are a miracle and I am so thankful that I have been part of one of these teeny tiny miracles!

Inspired by Thanksgiving

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