Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #20

    Today's Thanksgiving post is a little different from the rest I think.  I have been mostly generalizing what I'm thankful for in my life...In general I'm thankful for food, In general I'm thankful for Retail Therapy, In general I'm thankful for my ability to be creative.....nothing too specific but yes I'm thankful for all of these things.  But today I'm just thankful for today...Sunday; November 20th.  You see this past week was our families first week of living with Mike working the 2nd shift at his new job.  As probably stated before 2nd shift was not our 1st choice which was of course 1st shift but it also isn't our last choice of 3rd shift.  However after a full week plus an additional day because he had to work Saturday even though that isn't going to be the 6 days of 2nd shift where I do get to see him during the day but I babysit so it has been pretty hectic trying to do my job, take care of my son and fit in sometime for our family while the babysitting kids are here.  Then in the evenings it's me and my tiny man and although he was good more than he was bad by the end of the week I felt lonely and distanced from my husband and gaps in my family.  After just ONE am I going to do this!?   I even got an ulcer in my mouth which is caused by stress if that tells you how I'm taking this change.
    But we didn't rush to first hour service at church but took our time getting ready and going to church for their 2nd hour service on this cold and rainy Sunday morning.  Worship was awesome and the message really hit home for me; I love when that God is sending me a message and touches me from within.  Gregory fell asleep on the way home; so Mike and I watched our favorite team play basketball....LOVE...... while Gregory napped.  Then when Gregory woke up we put in the move "Up" which Gregory really enjoyed and I did a little picking up and folding clothes but for the most part we just chilled out together....just me and my guys!!  Then I got a great surprise in that my brother wanted to come by which being that he is 21 and in his own world 95% of the time was a pleasant shock!  So he came with his girlfriend and it was good for my heart for us to just sit here chatting and watching my brother play with Gregory....thats about it but that was my perfect day.  After a rough week emotionally this wonderful day was just what I had needed!  Thank you Lord for allowing me this beautiful day when everyone else just saw a gloomy, cold and rainy day.

Inspired by Thanksgiving

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  1. I'm really glad you got some much needed time with your boys. Yes our weather here has been a gloomy one. But it's always good to spend some down time with the family.