Friday, November 11, 2011

Sew easy Yo-yos!

    I want to share with you a little something I've been working on which will lead to an even bigger project that I've been working on!  I'm kind of new at tutorials but hopefully you'll get it.  I do have to hand all credit  to this amazing tutorial How to make a Yo-yo I am in love with Tea Rose Home blog!  Check her out....she truly inspires me, maybe she will do the same for you! 

However here is my tutorial!

                                             (Gots ta love that finger in the top of the photo!)

I used an empty Vanilla Wafer box

Cut out these circles...I wanted to try different sizes.  Obviously depending on the size of the circle you cut out will reflect on the size yo-yo you end up with.

It doesn't look like it but this is my 2nd to smallest circle, not the smallest.  The fabric I am using is from an old tube top that shrank up so much I doubt it would cover any of my belly at this point!

You then sew around the edges.  Something I could not tell from the tutorial on Tea Rose Home is that you just sew loosely through 1 layer of the fabric, you are not sewing one layer to the next.  Or at least when I tried to sew them together is made my final product way too puckered I thought.
Then you pull your string like a draw will gather the fabric in the middle, you then tie it off and hide your knot and ta-da!  

The top yo-yo is the one that I sewed both layers together and the one towards the bottom is where I just sewed through the 1 layer...I think the one towards the bottom turned out much better!

I have so many ideas for these little guys and when I have the project I'm currently working on complete I'll be sharing one way.  I cannot wait to show you what I'm doing!

Here is a teaser kind of....I'm using these two colors for my Yo-yos....although I probably wont be using all of these Yo-yos on this one project.  They are just so easy to make that I figured I'd go ahead and make a bunch!

                                    (The above is my stack of circles that I've cut from old shirts!)

Inspired by Tea Rose Home

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  1. Those are cute and do seem simple to make. Cute spring pillow?? Maybe.

  2. They are that simple and yes you could do so many things with them!

  3. Those are cute! I just love making yo-yo's because they are so easy. I'm sure your project will look great with them :)

  4. They are very easy, so happy I saw the tut on Tea Rose Home...although I'm sure there are other tuts on them.... I look forward to working with them and seeing what all I can do with them!

  5. Those are fun and easy to make and the fact that you are re-purposing you old clothing is fantastic!

    I had boxes of those at one time... or maybe they were the hexagon ones for quilting. I will be waiting to see what you are making...

    Thanks for coming to the party again!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  6. I love that blog too. Can't wait to see your finished porject.

  7. Very cute! So many uses for these adorable Yo-Yos and what's so great is they look easy to make. Found you at the Bunny Hop. I'm a follower!