Thursday, November 24, 2011

Retail Buys and Thrifty Finds!

  I'm so excited to share with you some of the recent purchases I've been making!

Retail Buys:
    As you can see this is a smorgasbord of items....Lets see, starting at top left; some clothes pins I bought at the dollar store for $2 a pack, foam squares from the dollar store for $1 a pack, the white velcro was bought at Meijer but if you saw my Money Envelope post you would know I needed some white velcro so no special deal there, Red duct tape for a Christmas Money Envelope I want to make so no special deal there but I bought it at Meijer as well, then the pants excited about this purchase and I had to go back and get another one...bought at the dollar store for $3 a piece which is the cheapest I've found....that is a for a future post, below that is some twine from the dollar store...everyone keeps using twine so I had to join in and then two vinyl table cloths that I bought for a whopping $1.75 each at Meijer...yeah fall stuff already going on sale.  It was that way at Walmart too where I bought some miniature pumpkins Sunday but I forgot to take pictures before I packed those up for next years fall decorations.

Thrifty Finds
    Just a few items, sorry some of them are hard to see but obviously a purple t-shirt that I got at the Peddlars Mall for $.50 and with all of the t-shirt projects out there right now I was all over it.  There of course are t-shirts everywhere but I like the color of this one so I bought it, then there is a glass something...I don't know it has a bowl on top with a stem and a bottom but doesn't look to me like a wine glass but it was $1 at the Peddlars Mall...project to come for this little guy, a glass candlestick holder for $1 at Goodwill and a glass bowl for $2 at the detailing on these two and can't wait to share those projects with you!, and then there is a rolling project here I was just looking for a rolling pin and I scored this one for $3.50 at the Peddlars Mall when all the other ones I found were $10+.

As stated before, I am so thankful for Retain Therapy!  Especially when it can come at such a cheap price!  Thanks for stopping by!

Inspired by Retail Therapy

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  1. Great finds! I love getting a great deal!

    Thanks for your comment on my wonderland vignette. :)