Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #16

    I'm so thankful for my church family!  Tonight our church had their Thanksgiving meal which is a potluck style dinner w/ good food and fellowship!  Of course we got our bellies full and then Gregory was ready to join the rest of the kids at play.  These kids were much older and running wild....Gregory was way too small to keep up and it made me a nervous wreck but it was so cute.  He tried so hard to play with them and would copy everything they did.  So for the most part I stood back and watched Gregory play and well make sure he didn't get trampled.  Watching over him, letting him fall but always being there to pick him up.....much like God does....  He lets us run and often times we just want to keep up with everything and everyone around us but when we fall he is always there!  While I did what I as a Momma do best I was approached with such sweet words by members of my church family.  A lady who my parents know well but I unfortunately am unable to remember her name said to me "You know everyone just loves him, he has the best smile.  He should be in commercials"...of course his smile melts my heart but of course I know I'm bias, so it's so nice to hear from someone else.  Even though this was not the first time I had been told such a thing......  Then a little later our pastor tells me, "You know during worship on Sunday mornings I often stand in the back.  You'll be holding Gregory and he always looks back and smiles at me and it just brightens my morning right before I go to the front to preach".  Who wouldn't want to hear this about their child?  I know Gregory's smile brings me joy but he brings joy to so many people around us just by flashing his one of a kind smile!  My church family really lifted me up this evening......yes this gathering was about Thanksgiving however I arrived feeling isolated but I left feeling so blessed!

Inspired by Thanksgiving

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