Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Goals 2012!?

            Our little family Christmas morning!  Obviously Gregory was too busy to cooperate!

    So I've never been one to make resolutions and anytime I know I want to loose weight or I want to quit smoking this year; I never started on January 1!  I mean come on we have a big New Years dinner on January 1 and as far as the smokeing...I have horrible self discipline.  However with that being said.  Last year in February I did get to it and start exercising and I did loose 10 pounds.  I must say I've gotten lazy...I haven't gained it back but Lordy I want to loose more!  I am also very happy to be able to say I am no longer a smoker either but I didn't quite that as a New Years resolution either.  It was a combination of my father in law dieing of lung cancer few years ago and me wanting to have a healthy baby and be a healthy momma.  So I make this "goal" blog just letting you know what I hope happens in 2012...not because I'm going to start it on January 1 but that I will be able to look at this blog entry and remember that I have goals.

                                          Gregory and I this time last year! (Me 10 lbs ago)

*Loose weight!  Who doesn't want to loose weight!?  My son is almost 21 months and I'm still carrying around 5 extra pounds...and that may not seem like a lot but I'm telling you now I was much smaller so the weight is just in new places because most of my pre-baby clothes are not fitting.  This does not mean I'm entering into some crazy diet.  This means I need to get back to doing what I started doing this past February.  Get myself back down to 1 soda a day, drink more water, make health"ier" food decisions, get on and stay on an exercise routine.  I lost 10 lbs last year so I hope to loose 10 lbs this year....maybe....I'll explain in another entry. 

Me in 2009 pregnant with Gregory

*So "I" could wait until Gregory is 5 before having another baby.  Seriously....I'm pretty sure I'd be fine w/ it.  That was actually my plan until I had such a hard time getting pregnant in the first place.  Turns out I have Endometriosis and PCOS, I got pregnant after having laproscopic surgery to remove the adhesions the Endometriosis had created.  So of course the question for the dr long can I wait before having another child w/ Endometriosis.  For those who don't know it doesn't just go away because you have surgery to remove the mess it continues to grow.  But can sometimes totally disappear after having a baby...pregnancy can do crazy things to your body.  There is no way to tell if I still have it or how fast it's growing so the dr said we should wait no longer than 2-3 years to have another child.  With a goal of 2 I have control over that  :) Mike and I have to make our next move soon.  With Gregory's 2nd birthday approaching way too quickly on April 1, 2012 we will drop the birth control and put it in God's hands.  I say this b/c I still am just enjoying Gregory and have no desire to start taking medications to get pregnant, counting days and forcing sex b/c I'm ovulating.  If  I have to do all of that I'd rather wait until I am totally ready...whether that is when Gregory is 5 or if by some miracle I'm ready before that.  So....that is why I say...loose weight MAYBE.  If I get pregnant...that wont happen.  So a sort of resolution is to try to get pregnant without medical assistance.  This will not start January 1st either!

              At the zoo with my guys...we got zoo passes for Christmas so we will be doing this a lot!

*Enjoy my Weekends...duh I always do that right!?  Well I've noticed that my 4 day weekends are incredibly more enjoyable than my 2 day weekends.  Well DUH right!?  What I mean is that after a 4 day weekend I feel like I've had the best weekend ever and I don't always feel that way after a 2 day weekend.  Maybe this is because of the length of time I've had w/ my boys on our long holiday weekends.  But I think it has a lot to do with the quality of the weekend.  On four day weekends we visit w/ family, just hang out w/ one another, eat good food, go shopping together, being productive together, just breath together!  I want to just breath with my guys on my 2 day weekends too!

*Print more pictures!  I take tons of pictures...I may not be the best at taking pictures for tutorials but I'm obsessed with taking pictures of Gregory!  I need to print them!!!!

                                             Duct Tape Money Envelopes...Tutorial Here!

*Stick to it!  So I went a really long time where I didn't do many crafts but then I started again and started blogging.  I hope to stick to blogging and sticking to my "me" time in DIYing! 

*I would also like to do better at making sure I give credit where credit is do.  I always say if I found something somewhere else but usually forget to write down where I saw it.  I'm going to do better!

*Be a Servant-I've never been a good servant.  I always think of the other things I could do with the money I'm giving, what else I could be doing with the time I'm spending to do whatever it is.  I go to church, I do work as a Sunday School teacher but I need to do more.  Help more...serve at the soup kitchen, hug someone who needs it, just volunteer for things instead of just taking a seat.

                                                               Mike and I in 2009

*I want to work on my marriage....a good marriage we do have but a great marriage I want!  Having Gregory really changed things for us and it seems we have to work a lot harder in our marriage w/ Mike on 2nd shift.  I need to put in the effort!

I may add to this here and there as I think of things but that is all for now.  What do you hope to acheive in 2012?  I'd say 2011 has been pretty good to us and I hope 2012 is as good!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Craft Corner Post/Ribbon

I did not want my last craft post of 2011 to be a failed flower hair pin. So I want to share with you a super simple piece that is going to be going into my "Craft Corner", organizing some craft supplies...ribbon! 

So I'm definitely NOT the first person to do this.  Especially considering I saw this on someone elses blog.  I played with several different ideas on how to organize my ribbon and this idea stuck.  A lot because of how easy it was obviously and just plain clever!  Simply purchase a pants hanger and slide your ribbon on.  I had some scrap ribbon so I clipped those to where I could slide those on too!   I did end up having to buy two of these pants hangers to be able to cover all of my ribbon but I found them at the Dollar General store for $3 a piece. That is the cheapest I've seen and was pretty stoked by this find! I can't wait to put it in my "Craft Corner"

As mentioned before in my blog, I'm creating myself what I like to call a "Craft Corner"...big things coming in 2012!!!  I think my first post of 2012 is going to have to be a project I've been working on for probably the last month a little at a time but I'm so proud!  Anyways..... My "Craft Corner" is a pretty small corner in my bedroom b/c we don't have the space for me to have a whole room...oh but I really wish we did!!!  However, I love my house, I love having a job that allows me to stay home but it does take up a room for a play room for the babysitting kids and of course I love my son who takes up the other I'll take my little nook for crafting!  With this "Craft Corner" being in my bedroom I want it to be as neat and organized as possible as to not make my room look like a crafting fiasco all the time!  So I am really excited about all of the great organizing ideas out in blogland!

What are some clever ways you have organized your craft supplies?  Seriously...I'm very interested...I have a lot of stuff to try and fit into a very little space!

Inspired by my Craft Corner

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flower Hair Pin *FAIL*

    So I share all of the projects I'm proud of but here is one I was NOT proud of.  I had a diaper shower to attend so I bought the diapers but I wanted to put a little something extra with them and just like everyone else we are limited on funds.  But hey, I've been wanting to try a flower hair pin.  Well I saw a really neat tututorial of a star flower or something like that.  As usual I cannot locate the name of the person who did a really great job on this hair pin.  I on the other hand did not.  But here it is.

I had some white fabric, scissory, a compass to make circles b/c I don't have cool gadgets like a lot of you and a hot glue gun.

I cut out my need 6 for this project.  Three bigger ones and 3 smaller ones.  The bigger ones go ont he bottom and the smaller ones go on top but I'm sure you got that!

You fold the circle in half and then in half again.  Then you cut the corners to shape the petals and spread them out like a hand full of playing cards so that they fan out.  You then glue the corner to another cicle which is your base.  You glue all of these down.

Put a button in the middle and there you have it.

 It is so sloppy and I was ashamed to give it to my friend but I did b/c it's all I had and with it being my first it took me a while to do.

I hot glued a hair clip to the back.

What do you do with your *FAILS*?

Inspired by Unknown (I can't remember that blog!)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tasty Tuesday/Hot Salsa Soup

Here I am again admitting that I wrote down a recipe off of someone's blog and did not write their information down to give credit where credit is due.  One of these days I'll stop making the same mistakes over and over.  Therefore if the person who should get credit for this recipe sees this blog please comment and I'll make sure you get the credit!
  Today I would like to introduce you to Hot Salsa Soup

1 Green Pepper (seeded and chopped)
1 Onion (chopped)
2 Cloves of Garlic (minced)
2 14oz Cans Diced Tomatodes
1 14.5 oz Can Chicken Broth
1 6oz Can Tomato Paste
2 Cans of canned chicken (My addition b/c after it was all together I realized it needed some meat)
basil, cumin, chili powder (go easy), salt and pepper
(I didn't have any chili powder so I didn't use any)

(Can add cilantro, lim, sour cream, cheese) I didn't

Coat bottom of a large pot w/ Olive Oil and place over med/high heat. 

Add Green Peppers, Onions and Garlic.  Once the Green Pepper is tender and starts to look a little translucent.  Be careful it will start to stick to the bottom.  I added more Olive Oil because it was sticking so bad.

 Add diced tomatoes, chicken broth, tomato paste and all of your spices.  Stir until paste is dissolved

This is where I knew I needed to add something.  Meat!  It was all veggies and we are meat eaters...of course I hadn't thawed anything out because the recipe didn't call for anything.  So I remembered that my stepmom had told me one time that she had used some canned chicken and what she made turned out really good.  Well I had a few cans because I like to have things on hand in case of an emergency I guess. was my emergency!

Stirred in the chicken and simmered for a few hours! 
Serve...yes that is it!

It was good, I didn't give much to the 20 month old, just didn't seem like he was all that interested but my husband and I enjoyed it and had enough for another meal.  My husband mentioned that I should add rice next time.  So I made some rice to go with our leftovers...I love quick meals that taste good!  It was good the first go 'round but I'm telling you the rice made it super yummy!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I want to wish all of my Blogger buddies a very Merry Christmas!  I'm going to be spending tomorrow with my family but didn't want to leave you all without some warm wishes!  From my family to yours!!

Inspired by Jesus!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Card Display

    I've seen a lot of great Christmas Card holders and knew that come this Christmas I was definitely going to have to do something other than tape them to the wall next to the kitchen doorway!  So I decided that I would take a long Christmas ribbon, put it on the wall and attach the Christmas cards we received w/ a clothes pin.  Well....when I got around to doing this project I went a total different direction but I love it!

So I bought this foam board a couple of years ago and was going to try to paint something for my room on it but it sat in the attic forever and now I don't feel like painting on it but now it has new life!  I traced the round pizza cookie sheet that I used for the cookie cake, then I drew a larger circle around that for a wreath.

I cut it out useing an xacto knife

I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and cut it.....I cut several pieces before going to the next step

I hot glued the ends down

Overlapped the ends on the back of the wreath

The bow...yeah as usual since I don't think I'm good at them I just do them and don't end up w/ any pictures.  I'll try to explain.... I cut multiple strips from the silver ribbon....I glued each strip into a loop.  I laid the loops on top of each other forming a circle...glueing each one on top of the other.  Then I took two small strips of the red ribbon...glued them into little loops, glued them on top of each other and then tacked them to the middle of my ribbon.  Not show in this picture are the two ribbon strips I ended up gluing to the wreath behind the bow to hang down from the wreath.

So here it is all loaded up....for the most part it worked well.  I paper clipped (there will be another project to make these plain paper clips more festive for next year!) the Christmas cards to the ribbons....since I did a bunch of individual strips around the wreath it provided me w/ plenty of spots to clip cards to!  We did end up getting 4 more Christmas cards so far and I just attached those to the hanging ribbons but probably could have arranged the Christmas cards around the wreath a little closer so they would have all fit.  I guess if you get a whole lot of Christmas cards this may not work for me this is a lot and I feel so blessed that all of these loved ones thought of me!  I really like my Christmas card holder.  What do you think?

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tasty Tuesday/Bean Dip

The first time I ever had this particular Bean Dip was at my uncles house when we went to watch a big basketball game in our community a couple of years back.  Actually my then 15 year old cousin made it and it was very yummy.  So we insisted on the recipe and it's still just as good.  This coming from someone who doesn't eat read that right.  I don't eat beans, I have a texture issue w/ the insides of beans.  Well except green beans and a recent discovery that black beans are a different consistency from the average bean too.  This recipe calls for refried beans, which I still will not eat in most cases....but I will eat them in this bean dip.

1 bar of Cream Cheese
1 can of Refried Beans
Shredded Cheddar Cheese (I use Mild Cheddar)
Tobasco Sauce

Useing a 9/13 pan spread the Cream Cheese on the bottom. 

Then spread the Refried Beans on tops of the Cream Cheese.

 Pour hot sauce over top of the Refriend much as you like. 

Top with Cheese and I like lots of cheese so I just cover it all really good.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until Cheese is melted.

Serve and Enjoy w/ Tortilla Chips

Inspired by Tara (my cousin)

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Monday, December 19, 2011


Before daddy told him he needed to take it off!  This is my little man w/ the crazy hair.  I'm refusing to cut his hair for a while, I want it to grow back out!

Here is the 6 month old that I babysit sporting her tutu!

So the next Christmas gift that I ended up making was more for fun than anything.  I've seen so many really cute tutus out there and wanted to make one but I have a boy and no other baby girls in our family to make a tutu for.  So I made a tu-tu for the 6 month old baby girl I babysit and a friend of ours 4 month old baby girl! 

For Christmas my mother-n-law got me this Rotary Mat and tool....yeah, I'm pretty lucky!  The mat is way bigger than I dreamed of getting but wow!  It came in very handy with this project.  I know I know...I could have just cut the tule w/ scissors but I just had to put my new toys to use!

I made this pile of tule strips

I sat down in front of the tv and slip knotted the tule around a strip of ribbon. I cut the ribbon to be 3 times the waist size of the 6 month old so it would be plenty big enough to tie a bow and then as the child grows the ribbon would allow for growth where elastic is only going to stretch a little.

Love the colors!  These were made to represent a certain college team that we are pretty fond of!  And of course having the three colors allows for different looks!

The cool thing about having the three colors also is that if you pull all the blue tule to the top it looks really bluc, if you pull all the white to the top it looks pretty white and if you want the black to the top it looks a little "bad girl"! 

My two tutus....I decided to make matching first hairbows.  I really need to practice my barret making.  I made a flower which I do plan to blog about but it was a fail in my eyes...these bows weren't total fails but definitely with I would have done some things different.

This one is the first one I did and it's not so bad.....

This one was the second but the glue gun got a little messy and made a hole in the tule.

No tutorials on the hair bows...sorry I was so into "trying" to make them cute and getting burned constantly w/ the hot glue gun; I wasn't able to do pictures and I haven't the slightest on how to explain them to you.  Very sorry about that guys.

Inspired by sweet baby girls!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ribbon/Charm Bookmarks

Coming clean of some handmade Christmas presents that I've been making around here.  One good thing and I mean like the only one good thing about Mike working second shift is that I can work on projects mean't for him and he doesn't know about it.  I don't even have to lie to him to tell him I'm making it for someone else!  Okay so I did show him the one I made for my stepmom but he doesn't know I made one for him too!

This one is Mike's....I have similar bookmarks that my mother in law bought me and I keep them in my bible.  I love them.... I've noticed that my husbands bible doesn't have any little bookmarks other than a slip of paper and he could totally be happy with that but I decided I would try to make him a gift for Christmas b/c it's special and allowed a challenge for myself! 

I can't say that I made this before entering blogland so I have to admit that I suck at taking pictures  :( 

This one was made for my stepmom, after some thought I realized this is something I believe she would really like....

After realizing I made t-shirt necklace and an owl necklace for my little sister, a bookmark for Mike and my stepmom and a blanket and pillow my Gregory....I totally didn't "make" anything for my dad so I whipped up another bookmark....

This one is dad's....

The rocks seemed a lot more masculine than beads.  I already had the beads I put on Lisa's bookmark but the rocks I had bought a couple of strands of just to make Mike's bookmark.
The crosses came in a pack of 5 that I purchased just to make Mike's so I utilized my purchase by making more than just the one bookmark. 
I had to purchase the black ribbon but I already had the purple. 
I also used thin metal wire to wire the charms to the ribbon.

All of these supplies I still have more of too so I will get to use them for either more bookmarks or other projects!

Okay I'm going to try to explain this since I failed at a tutorial.  Please feel free to ask any questions!

I cut a piece of ribbon the desired length leaving a little extra to work with.  I tied a small knot on both ends (do not tie a knot on one of the ends if you are going to use beads on one end), trimming any excess and burning the end w/ a lighter to get rid of any frays.

For the charms (crosses): I put the wire through the loop on the charm and just wrapped the wire several times around the knot I made at the end of the ribbon and tightened it and bent in the sharp ends of the wire by squeezing it w/ a pair of pliers.

For the Beads: (I didn't put a knot on the side I was useing beads) I stringed the desired number of beads onto the ribbon and THEN I tied a knot on the end, cut off any excess and burned the end w/ a lighter to get rid of any frays.

For the Rock: This was tricky and totally ghettofied!  If you don't want to do it the hard way the way I did it then buy the appropriate supplies to attach a beads rock to something...not sure what they are called but they look like pin needles!  I of course wasn't crazy enough to actually think they were pin needles but when I went to attach the rocks to the end of my bookmark I realized I should have bought some of those pin needle looking I pulled out a pin needle and went with it.... So here is goes: I snipped the needle off of the pin needle w/ a pair of wire cutters b/c I didn't think that sharp end on the bookmark would be a good idea!  I put 2 of the small rocks onto the pin needle and used the pliers to bend the end of the pin needle into a loop.  THEN I took the medal wire through the loop I made with the pin needle and wrapped that wire several times around the knot made in the ribbon and tighted the wire and tucked in the sharp ends of the wire useing pliers to squeeze it all in. 

They aren't perfect but I think they turned out pretty good and I hope they like them.  I'm certain my stepmom will but I fear the others wont  :(  We shall see!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tasty Tuesday/Mini Lasagna Cups

First off I cannot take credit for these little guys, I also cannot find the original blog that I found this recipe on.  So whoever you are....I do apologize but I searched for you and had no luck!

-12 oz raw ground meat (Ground beef, Ground turkey, Sausage...we used 1lb Italian Sausage and 1lb Ground beef)
-1/4 tsp salt
-1/4 tsp pepper
-1 C Chopped onion
-14.5oz can crushed tomatoes, or tomato sauce
-2 minced cloves of garlic
-3 tsp dried oregano, divided
-1/2 tsp dried basil
-1 1/2 C Ricotta Cheese
-24 Small square Wonton wrappers
-1 1/2 C Shredded Mozerella Cheese

1. Preheat over to 375 degrees. Heat a Large skillet over med. heat.  Add ground meat, onions, salt and pepper.  Saute the mixture, breaking apart the meat for about 10 minutes, or until the meat is cooked through.  Add the garlic and stir constantly for 30 seconds.

2. Add tomatoes and 2 tsp Oregano.  Bring to a gentle boil. (Not sure how that worked out since there wasn't much sauce so I let what little was there start bubbling some)  Reduce heat to low and simmer 10 minutes.
Remove from heat and set aside.

3. In a Large bowl, combine the Ricotta, pinch of salt and pepper, remaining Oregano and basil.  Mix well. 

4. Coat a 12 cup muffin tin w/ non-stick spray.  Place 1 Wonton wrapper in each cup.  Press firmly but gently to bottom and sides.

5. Using 1/2 Ricotta mixture, divide it in 12 muffin cups.  1/2 meat/tomato sauce mixture, spoon that evenly over each Ricotta filled cup.

Sprinkle with 2 tsp of Mozzerella

6. Gently press another Wonton wrapper on top of Mozzerella layer.

Repeat process by distributing remaining Ricotta mixture, remaining mean/tomato sauce mixture and then the rest of the Mozzerella.

7. Bake 10 minutes or until cheese melts.  Sprinkle with basil.  Let cool, then remove to serve

I used a lot of cheese b/c with Italian cuisine I don't believe you can have enough cheese!  The cups were overflowing w/ the meat and ricotta mixtures but they were very filling!  This made 2 full meals for us!

So what did we think?  It was good....the 20 month old ate it with no question.  My husband liked it too but thought his mom's homemade lasagna was better....Okay...stop there....I explained to him that it wasn't fair to compare this to his "mom's" "homemade" lasagna.  He did say it was worth eating again.  I thought it was dry and when I make it again I will be adding more sauce to the meat/tomato sauce mixture.  Actually when we ate the leftovers we heated a can of tomato sauce w/ some Oregano to pour over the lasagna cups and it was definitely more moist.

Worth a try and not too difficult to do!

Inspired by Tasty Tuesday

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fleece Blanket

Back Story:  This past spring we purchased a blue toddler size bed in the shape of a race car for Gregory....I never would have if I didn't find it at a yard sale for $25....which I paid $20 for.  Turns out this is one heck of a deal!  So I did a lot of research on bedding and we were set; we were going to redo Gregory's room into a Disney Cars theme....we bought some items and my parents were going to buy Gregory the Disney Cars themed sheets for Christmas.  Then we realized that in changing to this new theme we would need to repaint Gregory's room which is currently a baby green color and he would need new window treatments.... okay am I sounding lame yet?  I know many of you repaint rooms over and over but I'm not a painter.  I didn't even paint his room the color it is...we picked the color when they build the house for our nursery.  I love the color and I know it wont stay that color forever but I really don't see a true need to do all that work when Gregory doesn't really have a preference yet.  He didn't choose Disney Cars we did.... he doesn't care at 20 months the color on his walls.  So we decided to save this huge room change for when Gregory says he wants something specific.  So we took the Disney Cars themed stuff back to the store and threw my step-mom back to square one on her Christmas shopping!  So the race car bed was just not going to work b/c I couldn't find anything that would make this big blue car go well with these baby green walls.  So we were going to get a regular toddler bed and save money by just useing his nursery bedding since a toddler bed is the same size as a crib anyways.  UNTIL!

Next Story:  Gregory loves wrapping his blankets around himself so we would turn the blankets sideways so they would be wide enough for him to do so.  Well he wouldn't stop growing and now is getting to tall for the covers to wrap around him sideways and still cover his tootsies!  So I decided for Christmas Gregory needed some blankets.  Not huge ones but bigger than the baby blankets *sad moment*  So I went to Hancocks to get some fleece to make him some blankets.  I also had in my mind how awesome it would be to make him little pillows w/ pillow cases since he is always trying to steal mine and then takes the pillow case off!  That is when I found the most perfect fabric for both the pillow and the blanket.....wait a minute....the fabric was perfect to tie the car bed into Gregory's room and BONUS....has Mickey on it.  Gregory loves Mickey!

This is Gregory's fleece blanket I made.  He is also getting one from my stepmom with Toy Story on it....she does the fleece where you tie the knots around the blanket.  I have never done one of those blankets and wanted a little cleaner of a look since this will end up on his bed when we switch him to his toddler bed.  So I placed the front and back fabric face to face...sewed around it and flipped it right side out.  Hand stitchd the bottom corner and there you have it.  Little vehicles and some are light green and is the back!

Couldn't be more perfect!

Then the pillow...ended up being a lot smaller than I had planned....I learned something new after making it...sometimes you have to stretch fabric after you buy it.  Like my fabric was cut crooked and I couldn't get it to match up w/ out totally cutting it apart and smaller.  I wanted a standard size pillow but it works because now we have toddler size pillows.  (I say pillow(s) b/c I also made one of these in Toy Story to match the fleece blanket my stepmom is doing for Gregory...he needs more than one big blanket!)

I was so excited to find both fleece and cotton fabric that matched so well....and since I did I made these pillow/pillow case and blanket sets for Gregory!

Shhhh....these are Christmas gifts for him!  The pillow was made as any pillow...fabric placed face to face, sewn around the fabric leaving an opening to turn right side out....stuffed and hand sewed the opening.  With the pillow cases I cut the two sides of the pillow cases about 2 inches bigger than the pillow so it would fit over the pillow; I sewed the end strips (white strip shown in picture above on the pillow case) on the ends of the two side of the pillow case...placed the fabric face to face, sewed around the other three sides, turned right side out and they were done.  That simple....sorry for the lack of pictures, I didn't blog when I made these....very new to blogland!

So with this most perfect cotton fabric for Gregory's toddler bed and walls...for Gregory's b-day I'll be making his entire bed set.  There is also another pillow case made in white w/ the Mickey fabric for the fold and hopefully Appliqued on the white will be his name or initials....not sure yet.  I've never done Appliques!  But the fabric has already been bought....but come step at a time!  I'm working on Christmas right now....come January I'll be getting to work on the bed set and Appliqued pillow case for Gregory's b-day which is April 1. 
What age do they move to toddler beds anyways?

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