Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #6 my job!  Okay so they don't always sit and smile at me!  See the second one from the left...yeah he definitely didn't want to sit there.  The two on the ends are brother and sister and the smiley one in the orange....well if you don't recognize him thats my little man!  I've added one more to this group and am now officially full.  Where I'm from you can babysit four children that are not related to you.
Today I am expressing my thankfulness for my job!  We have good days and we have bad days but if it weren't for my job I wouldn't be able to spend everyday with Gregory.  I get to be here with him and watch him grow and develop first hand.  Without some income on my end I'd have to send him to childcare and work and be away from him everyday.  In this economy....I'm beyond blessed!
Not to mention how much playtime I get!  :)  I've really enjoyed watching each one of these kids grow right before my eyes.  Relationships have formed between the kids and I, between the kids with each other and between their parents and I.  I'm so blessed!  I get to teach these kiddos 123s, ABCs, colors, etc and most importantly about Jesus Christ!  Even though I didn't start babysitting until after I had Gregory, it was honestly my dream when I was about 12 because I too was brought up in an in-home childcare and I still have a relationship with my childhood babysitter.  Other than making me feel old...wont it be awesome to see these kids when they are adults and have their own babies!?  Oh wait...that would mean my little guy would be an adult....scratch that.....I want him to stay little forever!

Inspired by Thanksgiving


  1. They are adorable!! Even little meany face (child #2). I bet they are a blast!

  2. Depends on the day :) But we do have some awesome dance parties!

  3. Oh and little meany face is Gregory's best friend!! Of course he isn't normally a meany...just at the time he wanted to play and not sit!