Monday, October 24, 2011

Stinky Raja!

     Raja's costume for Halloween 2007 was that of a skunk.  Although Raja's stink is not sprayed she has really bad breath due to her soft doggy food!  This is again a pretty simply made costume.  Made with white and black faux fur and a couple of pieces of velcro.

    I started with the tail, made like a pillow.  I cut the black strip wider and a little longer than the white strip since the white strip is just supposed to go down the middle.  I sewed them together fuzzy side to fuzzy side and I just left one end open..  I then turned it right side out.

I then took another piece of white faux fur that was cut the same width as the first strip of white and the length of Raja's body.  I attached via sewing that white strip to the tail I had previously sown. 

Lastly I sewed Velcro on the underside of the white strip of fur to attach the costume onto Raja.

I did this twice so one piece of velcro would go around Raja's neck and the other velcro would go around Raja's body.

Raja's costume inspired my costume that year to borrow some of my husbands hunting gear and be a huntress for Halloween!

                                                         (Me and my stinky skunk!)

Inspired by Stinky Raja

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