Monday, November 21, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #21

    I've learned a hard lesson lately and I'm pretty sure it should have sunk in a long time ago.  Friends....they are hard to come by.  Most of the time they are really just acquaintances and for some reason we give them more credit than that.  My dad used to tell me when I was younger that one day I would learn that you could count your true friends on one other only have less than 5 true friends.  On many occasions I have come to the realization that someone who I thought was my friend really was not.  At 27 I still have this thrown in my face.  Just recently a "friend" of mine who I've known and kept in touch with since high school (13 years) fell off the side of the earth despite my calls and text messages....but I did receive a message on Facebook from her saying she wasn't mad at me or anything she was just feeling distant from everyone.....I did know that she didn't just stop talk to me; she stopped talking to a few others as well.  But then I she a real friend?  No....I don't believe she is.  A true friend is not going to just disappear and then ignore your phone calls...or especially a text message since those are so easy to can send a text while you are sitting on the toilet!  What if I really needed someone and let me tell you there have been plenty of moments here lately that I've needed a friend. what am I thankful for?  The people that I call my friends today....people who I can talk to like my stepmom....I know she is family so maybe she doesn't count???  But I know I can always count on her.  I've been keeping in touch with a couple of girls on Facebook near and far that have been there for me to vent to and have been giving me advice....thanks Kabbott and My Friends Call Me Suzy...these girls are personal friends of mine not just blogger friends and I'm thankful for them and all the emotional support they have given me in these past few months and I want them to know that! 

Inspired by Thanksgiving


  1. I am thankful for you too!!
    Near or far you are still one of the closest friends I have...more like a sister to me.
    I love that even though we are like night and day we can still come up with things to talk about, and find some similarities. :)

  2. To be honest I think about how similar our personalities are and that I'm kind of surprised that we are able to get along despite know how people say when two people are too much alike they will butt heads! Some how we still manage to stick by one another!

  3. Awe! Love you Steph. It is a hard lesson to learn and it's one I don't think you ever stop learning. We meet new people along the way and become close to them only for some to disappear and some to stay forever. We have known each other a while now. We have drifted apart over the years but our resent reconnection is stronger then ever. I'm so glad to have you as a friend and crafting buddy. Thanks for taking this blogging journey with me. :)

  4. We have definitely butted heads but we've done well to not let those rough spots keep us from staying friends! I respect our difference of opinion and appreciate that our moral compass points in the same direction. You are a genuine friend and a good person that I hope to be lucky enough to have in my life for many years to come. :)

  5. Awww...thank you so much! Words that I really have needed to hear. I too hope for many many more years to come....I mean come on, we didn't get this far to loose what we have!