Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogger Book

    So here is a project that has taken me longer than it should have to complete.  I've been working on it little by little for the past couple of weeks. Taking breaks to do other projects like Money Envelopes and bunches of Yo-yos....which have also come in handy with this project.  I got the idea to buy and decorate a notebook for my blog notes from WhyCuzICan....isn't her notebook fabulous!?  Ever since I started blogging just a couple of months ago I've been scribbling ideas on this pad of paper that I have on the end table next to my side of the couch....yes we somehow got assigned seats in our living room....please tell me we are not alone!? :-)  Anyways...I like to be organized and as stated before I'm a self-proclaimed lister!  So a notebook organized just for my blog notes was right up my alley! 

So here we go!  Most of what I do to my notebook I'm new at and found the ideas in Blogland which have made this even more fun for me to do!

Here I have my burlap that I wanted to use to accent my notebook.  It has a tiny mark where I measured how much I needed to cover the spine of my notebook.  My notebook as been marked where I want my burlap to sit. (I've never worked with burlap before and learned how to cut burlap from the store I bought it don't just cut into burlap!) 

Here I took regular scotch tape to hold my burlap into place

Here are pre-measured strips of purple duct tape!  I love all the pretty colors duct tape come in now....this was my first duct tape project even though I made the Money Envelopes with duct tape which I posted before this....I wasn't yet finished with my notebook so the envelopes made it to blogland first!

So I began laying the tape
And folded it over on the inside of the notebook....

Notebook covered in tape and the tape is overlapping the burlap which will hold it better in place.

Next I wrote my blog name on a smaller piece of burlap w/ a black permanent marker....sorry nothing too exciting!

But was super exciting and I failed to get a picture of was my first and yes you heard that right FIRST time using Mod Podge!  I covered the back of the piece of burlap with Mod Podge, placed it on my notebook and put a little more Mod Podge around the edges to help hold them down a little better....THEN....I put in a frantic message to my friend My Friends Call Me Suzy "Does Mod Podge dry clear?  The bottle doesn't say!"  Thank the Lord her answer was "Yes!"....yay!  I let it dry over night and yes it did!


I attached my Yo-yos that I made with a hot glue gun.  The bottom two are just two little yo-yos I made with old shirts.  The top "flower" is also two yo-yos I made.  Obviously I made a big Yo-yo and then I took one of my smaller Yo-yos and glued it upside down to make up the middle of my flower!  So..... just a few small things I've learned in blog land and put to use.  Now I've got to start writing in my notebook!

As you can see...plenty more yo-yos where this came from and I have some more projects with them coming soon!

Inspired by WhyCuzICan

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  1. It's ardorable! Good job. I love the yo-yo flower.

  2. That's so cute! You take notes for ideas for your blog? Wow--I guess I better start getting more organized!

  3. Shabby Chic I'm slightly OCD and make lists and notes for everything b/c I know I'll forget if I don't!

  4. Hi Steph,
    I was checking my Dashboard today to catch up on blogs I follow for a little while and am catching up on yours.

    Found you were inspired by a project I did (Blog notebook), so I'm gonna put your blog on my sidebar along with other places I've been featured or mentioned.

    Yours turned out cute and very YOU! LOVE the yoyo flowers too :)
    Suzanne at Whycuzican

  5. Thanks! Having a notebook for something is not uncommon ground for me but I probably wouldn't have made it a project!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) Really grateful for you linking up in the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  7. Thanks for being my newest follower! I love your blog and your linky party....looks like I need to go link up now!

  8. What a pretty book! Love the use of the tape. LOL! I have my side of the sofa too. I have been writing my ideas in an old spiral notebook. This is much prettier. I am a new follower visiting from Sugar Bee Crafts. Vicky from Mess For Less

  9. that's adorable! I wouldn't have thought of colored duct tape for a project like this, but it does a great job!