Friday, November 4, 2011

Jewelry Box

    No....this isn't a far stretch from the post I just made yesterday but still a different style box for a different purpose.  When I purchased this box it was just plain white, I found it in the craft section at Walmart.  Again this is a flashback just like the hat boxes I painted when I was pregnant with Gregory in 2009 so I don't have step by step directions but it's simple.  I did not have to paint the base color of the box since it was already white, I just painted a black strip around the edges just to give it a little more black than just some circles....that way I could also add some white circles on the box as well as the black circles.  I taped it off so my black strips could be as straight as possible.  I used the same circular sponges and compass to make the circles as I used when I painted our hat boxes we use for catch-all storage. 

This box........... used to store my jewelry.  It's not the most pretty on the inside but the outside hides this chaos and looks great in my room.  I don't really have a place in my room for a stand-up jewelry box and well everything in my room is black and white so this works for me!

Inspired by my bedroom decore

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  1. I also used save the small boxes my jewelry came in and then put it in a larger one. Keeps it all organized that way. I'm now working on something I will share soon ;)

    Thanks for sharing this idea too!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
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