Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Life to be Thankful for! Day #3

                             (Gregory walking through the pumpkin patch with his Mamaw and Papaw)

    As I've been thanking the good Lord above for the men in my life, I would like to add one more to that list +1!  You guessed daddy...... and his wife which is of course my step-mom.  I am a self proclaimed daddy's girl and an extremely lucky one at that.  My daddy can do it all...wood work, paint, clean, cook, work on cars (I'd say where I inherited my love for working with my hands in creating and crafting....and he is a really nice person to have when you need someone to bounce DIY and craft ideas off of.) and save the world!.............Okay well....he is my hero anyways :)  It's a bit complicated but my daddy saved me from a different life; at the age of 12 despite my rough edges he allowed me to move out of my biological mother's home into his.  (Don't get me wrong I love my mom but thats a different story that may or may not ever make it into my blog)  He saved me from the path I was traveling on and I believe I'm a WAY better person for it.  My daddy's name is Greg or per his birth certificate "Gregory"....remind you of anyone?  Yes my son is named after my daddy!  (Just to make it clear this was Mike's idea not mine!  Mike's father's name is Michael which is Gregory's middle name.....therefore no Gregory's middle name is not after my husband but Gregory is named after both of his Papaws!)  If that doesn't explain how much I value my daddy I don't know what would!

                                                  (Gregory and Papaw on the mower)


                                   (Gregory and his Mamaw playing peek a boo around a door)

    My daddy is a great man and loved by many....including of course his wife; Lisa.  So this is a two parter b/c I started feeling like I was just going to be naming each of my family members in these thankful posts!  Lisa has been a HUGE part of my life...married to my father since I was 2 years old.  We butted heads of course but now that I'm a wife and a mother she is honestly my best friend!  My husband works a lot of Saturdays which isn't all that great but allows me and Gregory to go out and have fun with Lisa....we shop, play, visit family, eat out.....whatever...after being home all week with tiny people I love getting out on the weekends.  I've even managed to convert her into a Peddlars Mall, Goodwill and Yard Sale shopper!  I know that no matter what is going on I can always count on her....even if it's just that I need someone to keep an eye on Gregory while I'm doing some cleaning....she is just 10 minutes away and will drive right over just to entertain him!  She is a great Christian woman and she loves Gregory with such passion.  I'm so happy he has her for his Mamaw...he loves her dearly too.  Next to Mike and I...Lisa is Gregory's favorite person  ;-)

(Gregory with his Mamaw and Papaw)

Inspired by Thanksgiving

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