Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Refurbished Desk/The BIG Reveal!

Do you remember this?

I showed off this find here....

Well it's done and I'm in love! 

I took the hardware off, I let my dad take degreaser to it and I sanded it a little

All so I could paint it!

I painted the entire desk, even though I was going to cover the top with some scrapbook paper I found that matched the colors and look I was going for.  The top of the desk isn't pure wood so I was advised that painting it wasn't going to work as it would scratch easily.  So I decided I would try my hand at mod podging the top!  I lined up the papers and cut them down to size as the cover the whole top of the desk.

Covered big enough sections to place one sheet at a time

There are words on the paper that talk about dreams and inspirations....PERFECT!  I mod podged them all down.

This is where I came to an issue.  After that first coat of Mod Podge dried I had really horrible air bubbles in my paper!  After a lot of thought I decided to cut out the sections with air bubbles.  There were four big air bubbles and I think that putting a layer of paint down on the top before laying my paper really helped when I cut out the section using an xacto knife...it came right up.  I then traced my cut outs onto pieces of the same kind of paper and mod podged those pieces in where I had cut out sections.

(In hindsight I would do this in smaller sections...I think that would help me not get big air bubbles.)

The BIG reveal!!

Brush Nickel hardware was added to match all of the hardware in my bedroom.....I think it looks fabulous!

This was my first refurbished piece....what do you think?



Inspired by my "Craft Corner"


  1. Very cute Stephanie- job well done!

    Visiting from my Dashboard,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it! :-)

  3. You turned this into a truly special piece! The scrapbook paper on top makes it. Love the new hardware, too.

  4. Good job! It looks great! The modpodging was a great way to get around the faux wood.

  5. Thanks ladies...the desk is solid wood but the top was laminate so the wood wouldn't scratch I guess so paint wasn't going to cut it and I didn't want to keep the top brown...I like the way it turned out though. And I got to get some experience in mod podging!

  6. I love the paper on top. I love how it blends in with desk and adds a subtle touch. It's beautiful, great job.

  7. Looks great! I love the paper on top--would have never thought of adding that touch!

  8. I never would have known about doing it w/ out blogland!

  9. What a transformation! Love the sleek black!