Monday, January 30, 2012

Potty Prizes

    I think it's high time that I share with you our potty prize jar.  This was mentioned October 24 here.  Why in the world did it take me this long to share this with you?  I have no excuses, it's been done and in use for months now, I just simply was busy sharing other projects with you.  I have tons of new projects to share but figured I really needed to share this one with you all.  We still are not full blown potty training.  Gregory peepees on the potty and sometimes poopoos on the potty....totally randomly.  He has a speech delay and I haven't felt that he is ready but when he does go he should get rewarded so he knows it's a good thing!

The kid LOVES MMs....I mean really..don't we all!?  In the post from October I was trying to figure out the best phrase to put on the jar and I decided on Gregory's Potty Prizes....I have decided that it's important for Gregory to see his full name as much as possible, maybe it will help him to recognize it, read it and write it one day.

Lets get started
First I painted the lid to my jar white

Put green polka dots on it w/ round sponges

Blue stars w/ a stencil
Then I clear coated the lid

I used foam letters which I glued b/c the sticker adhesive wasn't cutting it.  I put googly eye balls on a few of the letters to make it more fun.  I wrapped a striped pipe cleaner around the neck of the jar...a few dots of glue to hold it into place.

I painted some polka dots and stars around it to match the lid.  On the ends of the pipe cleaner I glued a couple of blue painted puffs.


Filled the jar up w/ MMs and it's a super fun prize jar!


Inspired by Peeing in the Potty

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  1. Seeing this makes me want a potty prize jar for myself! ;)

  2. I'm torn between reese's pieces or m&m's...both would be good potty prizes for myself! ;) lol

    1. Well you aren't supposed to give kids peanut butter until they are 2 so for now Gregory doesn't even know what he is missing!

  3. Seriously? Does it have something to do with allergies?

    True, can't miss what you've never had! :) I looooooove the combo of peanut butter and chocolate...mmm-mmm-mmm!

    1. Yes it's for allergie reasons, but he is almost two. My family will be so thrilled when he can finally have peanuts. They are always wanting to give him some and probably think I'm crazy for going by the book on that one! Peanut butter and chocolate is a pretty good combo!

  4. I'm so glad I don't have peanut allergies, hope my future kiddo doesn't have them either so we can share reese's peanut butter cups together! :) Crazy or not, mama rules, so they just have to wait a few more months.

    1. I do not think G is allergic...but just playing it safe!