Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday/Egg Salad

    It's Tuesday again, sorry I've been such a slacker the past few Mondays which makes Tasty Tuesday my first post of the week.  I really have been working on a lot of things and plan to share another project with you tomorrow.  However, today I want to share with you a recipe that I do keep in my recipe box but that I've made quite a few times. 
    It all started one year when I was given the responsiblity of providing Deviled Eggs for Christmas at my mom's Christmas party.  Hmmmm.....I was only like 16 (I lived with my dad so my mom assigned me something to bring to contribute to Christmas dinner) so I didn't know how to make Deviled Eggs and that wasn't a staple food at my dad's Christmas dinner so he nor my stepmom knew how to make them either but advised that I should call my uncle Tim to see if he had a recipe.  Well he did!!!!  For many holidays to come I was always assigned Deviled Eggs....if you've ever made Deviled Eggs you know that they are a time consuming item to make.  Which is kind of not my thing!  Quick and Easy is my preference so eventually I decided not to take Deviled Eggs to every single family get together anymore.  The family was not happy.....they really are that good!  Well I made them for a family function one year and we had left overs?????  Yes you read that correctly....this did not happen often.  Well, what do you do with left over Deviled Eggs?  Squish it all together making Egg Salad!  Yep....and with my brilliant mind I figured out that Egg Salad was just as good as the Deviled Eggs since it has ALL the same ingredients but so much easier because it doesn't matter how mutilated the egg gets when you take the shell off and you don't have to sit and scoop the filling into the Egg White because it's all just going to be squished together in the end anyways...... So here it is...so easy and super yummy!

6 Eggs
1 Tbsp Mustard
1/4 C Mayo
1/4 C Relish
1/2 Tsp Sugar 

Hard boil the 6 Eggs and peel off the shell

Throw all ingredients in a big bowl and squish it all together. 

I used to use my hands which worked well at makeing sure it was all mixed very well and the eggs were well broken up.  Now I use a potato masher to mash it all up and then stir together with a spoon....I go back and forth between the potato masher and the spoon until it's well mushed together!

We serve it on toasted bread!

Inspired by Uncle Tim

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  1. Sounds so good! I have never made deviled eggs but I do love them. Egg salad isn't something I ever think to make but it does sound yummy and I think I will make some tomorrow.

  2. It is really yummy, super easy to make and doesn't take much time once the eggs are hard boiled!

  3. I really like making egg salad (or deviled eggs) w/o relish and sugar, love some salt and pepper, but I agree this is a super easy recipe!

    I bought Eggies so now I don't have to shell my hard-boiled eggs. :D

  4. Eggies...neat little plastic "egg shells" that allow you to hard boil eggs w/o having to shell them after. You basically empty a raw egg into the eggie shell, boil and then the hard boiled egg slides out for serving. :D

  5. Interesting...sounds a lot like my egg poacher I bought for my morning eggs....I probably should start doing that again!

  6. Probably the same concept, but the Eggies are not suitable for microwave. They make hard boiled eggs simple, but they don't allow you to make pretty deviled eggs. :(

  7. Okay so I saw these at Walmart last night in their "As seen on TV" section and the picture on the box was totally of pretty Deviled Eggs!!!

  8. I'm drooling here...egg sandwiches are my fav! Looks so yummy! Visiting from Bunny hop!

  9. It makes a flat bottom/top, so there goes the pretty little egg shape that people are used to seeing. Since I'm more concerned with them being edible than how they look, this was a good buy for me. :)