Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday/Potato Soup

Here we are again this week being crazy so this is my first post of the week!  But I am here!  Today I want to tell you about a Potato Soup that I have found to be better when made by someone else  :-)

We tried this Potato Soup for the first time at a bible study we were in.  It was delicious and the hit of the night.  Everyone LOVED it!  So much that I insisted on making it for my uncle and his wife when he had a really bad accident.  So I went to my friend's house and she helped me make this Potato Soup by showing me first hand how to do it.  Again...yummy!  However as I make it for my "Recipe Challenge" it wasn't so good  :-(  Edible but really rich and I'm not that into really rich tastes.....but since it was part of my challenge, I'm going to share it with you.  Maybe you will have better luck than I did!

1 Bag Frozen Hashbrowns (To be honest I think this was my failing point, all I had was pre-seasoned)
1 Bar Cream Cheese
7 Chicken Boullion Cubes
1 Bag Bacon Pieces
Dill Weed
Onion Flakes
Garlic Powder

Shredded Cheese
Bacon Bits

Boil 7 Cups of water, add Boullion cubes.  Whisk until the boullion cubes have desolved.  Soften the cream cheese by warming in the microwave for about 30 seconds to 1 minutes...wish into the water. 
Add spices, add hashbrowns.

Cook until the hashbrowns are soft

Then put into crockpot to cook for several hours


Sounds pretty easy huh!?  Well it was when I had my friend by my side to help me make it but somewhere along the way when making this on my own it wasn't so yum!  I think it was that the only hashbrowns I had here were pre-seasoned....maybe that made all the difference?  I'm not sure but I do know that my husband didn't seem too interested in me giving it another shot.  He says he isn't a huge fan of potato soups anyways....plus as mentioned before he isn't a fan of cream cheese either.  He really isn't a picky eater I swear!!!

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  1. This sounds yummy, minus the bacon of course! Does it matter the style of cut on the hashbrowns?

  2. I've always seen the shredded type used

  3. Cool, thanks for the info! Might have to try this recipe when Raymond gets back. :)