Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hidden Magazine Holder

So this isn't very "crafty" but I thought it to be kind of clever.  Much like many of you I've spent a lot of time organizing around here this I'm just trying to make my house more appealing to the eye...not so cluttered! 

You see that pile of stuff next to the end table?  Well there is a rather large magazine holder under there.  Why not just get rid of it you may ask....b/c my granddad made it for me for Christmas a few years back.  It means a lot to me but it is really big!  I piled a boppy and an extra blanket on top...yeah I don't help w/ the cluttered look at all!  It also doesn't help that there is almost ALWAYS a can of soda sitting on that end table thanks to the hubs!

Well I had thoughts in my mind of what to do about this big magazine holder that will still put it to use and not up in the attic.  I had seen these furniture sliders a few times and thought up in my mind that they may be the solution to my problem.  You are supposed to place them under your furniture to help your furniture to slide easily across carpet...keeps it from scratching your floors too.  I think you just put them under your furniture when you need to move it and then you put them away or use them on another piece of furniture.  Well I found a pack shopping the other day...I'm sure I've seen them but just wasn't remembering that I wanted some. 

So I place a furniture slider under the four corners of the magazine holder.....b/c it's large, solid wood and loaded down w/ books and magazines it is rather heavy so it works very well with these furniture sliders!

I slid it under the end if you need something out of it y ou can just slide it out.  I'm keeping the furniture sliders under it all the we can slide it in and out from under the table as needed.

I can now place my little chest of pictures there and besides the ugly cord and the soda can...I think it looks much better!!

Inspired by De-cluttering

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  1. Love the sliders idea, that makes moving heavy furniture/decor so much easier!
    It does look less cluttered, mission accomplished!

    (Thank you Raja for the butt shot! lol)

  2. Oh wow...I saw that she ws in the picture but I didn't notice just how much she was showing!

  3. This is really neat! I can use these sliders under the chairs in my study to protect my carpet as well as slide the chairs more easily. Thanks for sharing this clever idea. Dropping in from the Bunny Hop party.~Poppy

  4. Cute idea! I can imagine how heavy it is! I had to take a double take on the end table. I used to have one that look awfully close to that!

    1. Oh my goodness, you're is really heavy! These end tables and our coffee table are older pieces. They were my parents before and since they are solid pieces my dad just refinishes them every few years to keep them looking good. The end tables were just redid last month!