Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Closet Coat Hanger???

Mike and I have a walk in closet in our room and it's always packed full.  Doesn't matter how many clothes or shoes we get rid of.  I have managed to get the top shelf pretty clear and neat, the floor has drawer units along it holding shoes and bed sheets and flip flops and whatever else.  It's ridiculous!  Just as most of everyone else in blogland I have been in hyper-organizing mode with everything.  I'm already an organizer, I feel like that is all I ever do but ever since Christmas and all the new cool stuff we accumulated I have had the need to organize organize organize.  I've done a lot of great things that I'll be sharing!  Today I would like to tell you how I solved the crazy belt hanger issue and all the bags that I have been adding to the clutter in the closet. 

In my home we have a few coat hangers on the walls behind many of our doors.  My dad made them for us and they are awesome!  They keep the coats and jackets picked up with easy access!  Well in all my organizing craziness I had an idea of putting one of these coat hangers in my closet to get some of my bags/purses off the floor and to get Mike's ties off of the belt hanger b/c that thing just was beyond capacity!  So here we go with a scarey peek at our closet!

Here is the coat hanger my dad made us with bags and ties on it!  I'm holding the clothes back so you can see it!  :-)

Here is a view from the doorway with out holding the clothes back

THIS is what it looks like with ALL the clothes in place!  Ridiculous right!?  But I think it's fabulous...you can't see the coat rack but it's there and all you have to do is separate the clothes in the back to grab whatever it is you might want!  The belt hanger is no longer over flowing and there are no more bags collecting on the floor!

Inspired by post Christmas organizing!

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for visiting me at "Home is Where the Heart is", it's a pleasure meeting you.
    When my girls were babies I stayed home also and started by daycare business and at one time I had 12 kids. When my girls were 5 and 7 I went back to work outside the home. It was great to be home with them when they were little.
    I have become your newest follower..Happy New Year to you and yours, Elizabeth

  2. Thanks for following! I can't imagine watching 12 kids, I currently consider myself full with 5 kids besides my own son. I hope to be able to continue babysitting at least until my kids are off to school as well. Of course we only have 1 now but plan to add another eventually....so I guess I have a ways to go!

  3. Glad you are getting organized. It looks good too...Christine

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