Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Goals 2012!?

            Our little family Christmas morning!  Obviously Gregory was too busy to cooperate!

    So I've never been one to make resolutions and anytime I know I want to loose weight or I want to quit smoking this year; I never started on January 1!  I mean come on we have a big New Years dinner on January 1 and as far as the smokeing...I have horrible self discipline.  However with that being said.  Last year in February I did get to it and start exercising and I did loose 10 pounds.  I must say I've gotten lazy...I haven't gained it back but Lordy I want to loose more!  I am also very happy to be able to say I am no longer a smoker either but I didn't quite that as a New Years resolution either.  It was a combination of my father in law dieing of lung cancer few years ago and me wanting to have a healthy baby and be a healthy momma.  So I make this "goal" blog just letting you know what I hope happens in 2012...not because I'm going to start it on January 1 but that I will be able to look at this blog entry and remember that I have goals.

                                          Gregory and I this time last year! (Me 10 lbs ago)

*Loose weight!  Who doesn't want to loose weight!?  My son is almost 21 months and I'm still carrying around 5 extra pounds...and that may not seem like a lot but I'm telling you now I was much smaller so the weight is just in new places because most of my pre-baby clothes are not fitting.  This does not mean I'm entering into some crazy diet.  This means I need to get back to doing what I started doing this past February.  Get myself back down to 1 soda a day, drink more water, make health"ier" food decisions, get on and stay on an exercise routine.  I lost 10 lbs last year so I hope to loose 10 lbs this year....maybe....I'll explain in another entry. 

Me in 2009 pregnant with Gregory

*So "I" could wait until Gregory is 5 before having another baby.  Seriously....I'm pretty sure I'd be fine w/ it.  That was actually my plan until I had such a hard time getting pregnant in the first place.  Turns out I have Endometriosis and PCOS, I got pregnant after having laproscopic surgery to remove the adhesions the Endometriosis had created.  So of course the question for the dr long can I wait before having another child w/ Endometriosis.  For those who don't know it doesn't just go away because you have surgery to remove the mess it continues to grow.  But can sometimes totally disappear after having a baby...pregnancy can do crazy things to your body.  There is no way to tell if I still have it or how fast it's growing so the dr said we should wait no longer than 2-3 years to have another child.  With a goal of 2 I have control over that  :) Mike and I have to make our next move soon.  With Gregory's 2nd birthday approaching way too quickly on April 1, 2012 we will drop the birth control and put it in God's hands.  I say this b/c I still am just enjoying Gregory and have no desire to start taking medications to get pregnant, counting days and forcing sex b/c I'm ovulating.  If  I have to do all of that I'd rather wait until I am totally ready...whether that is when Gregory is 5 or if by some miracle I'm ready before that.  So....that is why I say...loose weight MAYBE.  If I get pregnant...that wont happen.  So a sort of resolution is to try to get pregnant without medical assistance.  This will not start January 1st either!

              At the zoo with my guys...we got zoo passes for Christmas so we will be doing this a lot!

*Enjoy my Weekends...duh I always do that right!?  Well I've noticed that my 4 day weekends are incredibly more enjoyable than my 2 day weekends.  Well DUH right!?  What I mean is that after a 4 day weekend I feel like I've had the best weekend ever and I don't always feel that way after a 2 day weekend.  Maybe this is because of the length of time I've had w/ my boys on our long holiday weekends.  But I think it has a lot to do with the quality of the weekend.  On four day weekends we visit w/ family, just hang out w/ one another, eat good food, go shopping together, being productive together, just breath together!  I want to just breath with my guys on my 2 day weekends too!

*Print more pictures!  I take tons of pictures...I may not be the best at taking pictures for tutorials but I'm obsessed with taking pictures of Gregory!  I need to print them!!!!

                                             Duct Tape Money Envelopes...Tutorial Here!

*Stick to it!  So I went a really long time where I didn't do many crafts but then I started again and started blogging.  I hope to stick to blogging and sticking to my "me" time in DIYing! 

*I would also like to do better at making sure I give credit where credit is do.  I always say if I found something somewhere else but usually forget to write down where I saw it.  I'm going to do better!

*Be a Servant-I've never been a good servant.  I always think of the other things I could do with the money I'm giving, what else I could be doing with the time I'm spending to do whatever it is.  I go to church, I do work as a Sunday School teacher but I need to do more.  Help more...serve at the soup kitchen, hug someone who needs it, just volunteer for things instead of just taking a seat.

                                                               Mike and I in 2009

*I want to work on my marriage....a good marriage we do have but a great marriage I want!  Having Gregory really changed things for us and it seems we have to work a lot harder in our marriage w/ Mike on 2nd shift.  I need to put in the effort!

I may add to this here and there as I think of things but that is all for now.  What do you hope to acheive in 2012?  I'd say 2011 has been pretty good to us and I hope 2012 is as good!

Inspired by New Years!

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  1. Happy New Year! I'm so with you about losing weight. My littlest one is already 4 and I have 15 lbs to shake off - LOL!