Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let it Snow!

We finally got some snow!  So I wanted to share my mantel shelf!  Our first snow of the year, we had some flurries last week but this is our first to accumulate at all.  Gregory just being 21 months old never really noticed snow last year so this was the first snow he acknowledged.  I was so excited to show it to him but our trip outside only lasted about 5 minutes b/c Momma is a wimp when it comes to cold weather!

             It was a little too cold for him to want it on his hands...this was the only time he touched it!


                                                                          It was cold!!!

Here is our snow for the day and it's still flurrying right now.  I know it's not much and no it hadn't started sticking to the patio yet when this picture was taken.  But we are expecting more and the temperatures are supposed to be so low that the main concern is ice on the ground.  I'm so happy that I work from home and don't have to venture out in it...I get to enjoy it from inside!

On to my mantel shelf.  As stated before I have decided to decorate a shelf on my hutch since I don't have a mantel or anywhere else at this time. 

Yes I know the top two shelves do not "go" but I don't have enough decorations yet to cover the whole thing...I've never decorated for "winter" much less many other things.  Plus I have never been a huge fan of snow until recently....I guess becoming a Momma has led me to appreciate all of the seasons and the joys they bring!  Anyways I never thought much about decorating until I joined blogland, so yeah....I'm a "wannabe"!  I do LOVE what I did with the bottom shelf though...all the decorations are new BUT were super cheap b/c I got most of it at least 50% off as leftover Christmas decorations!

I did try this with fake snow but I don't think it pops well enough for me with the fake snow.  So I left it as shown above!

On this side I have a shimmery tree that I got for $1.49 as part of Christmas leftovers!  I found this beautiful sign for $1.75 as part of 50% off Christmas leftovers at a different store (I am really in love with this they had any leftover I do not know but I'm very greatful!).  The glass fixture in the background I created here and then one of the exceptions to my Christmas leftover sale items are the blue/silver bulbs that I found before Christmas for $1.  The flowers are all part of one bunch of silk flowers removed from the bouquet that I got for $1.50 before Christmas.

On this side I have 2 shimmery Christmas trees....I know you only see one but I have them stacked to make this side taller than the other side but I got them for $1.49 a piece as well.  The flowers as stated above were part of a bunch I purchased before Christmas for $1.50 and the bowl with the snowmen and lid was part of Christmas leftovers that I got for $.50.  I'm pretty excited about it.....much improvement to be had but what do you think?

Inspired by Snow!

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  1. Definitely like it best w/o the fake snow. :)

  2. looks good steph! Well come to a world of design. :) I love to decorate my "mantel", I've already started thinking Valentines day. Oh and G is so cute! I love when they are little an it's all new and exciting. I defiantly think seeing this world as a mother through and childs eye makes you appreciate the small things life has to offer.

  3. Hi Stephanie, your mantel looks cute. Your little boy is cuter, LOL We have lots of snow at the moment and if you don't have enough I will send you some of ours. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  4. What a darling little boy! I'm pretty wussy too when it comes to the cold. It still hasn't snowed here (Boise) yet but it's supposed to this week. Yay! The babe's going to love it.

  5. That is too cute! I love the sign and the colors you used! I always feel like January is a strange limbo time of not know what to decorate the house with but this gives me inspiration!

    If you're interested, we're hosting our first ever link up party. Please stop by and link up!