Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tasty Tuesday/Theresa's Sweet Chili Linguine

    That is a mouth full huh!?  Well it's also delicious!  I used to work in the next city over and drove 45 minutes each way to get there.  It was a good job but when I had Gregory there were more reasons to leave than there were to stay.  Anyways....when I worked there we would every once in a while go to this restaurant called "Bristol".  It was a little pricey so only every once in a while would I even get to go there but they had a very yummy entree called "Theresa's Sweet Chili Linguine".  As a matter of fact my friend Brian brought me this exact meal to the hospital for dinner the day after I had Gregory!  Well I haven't worked that job in about a year and a half and 45 minutes is a long way to travel for a pricey meal.  Recently I've been conjuring up in my mind a way to get to go there or get some take out???  Well as many of you know Mike is now on 2nd shift so I was thinking that maybe for Valentine's Day I could get him to drive that 45 minutes to go get me some and then the 45 minutes back????  Hmmmm....  I voiced my need for some Bristol to a my friend Brian who still works at my old job and he sent me a recipe his girl friend had found.  Well I tried it and I must admit it's missing something....not exact to the restaurant but even my biggest critic (my husband) was amazed.  Amazed at how close it was to the real thing and pretty dern amazed that I made it.  Therefore...it was so easy.  So much easier than I thought it would be even!!  You must try!

1 pint Heavy Cream
1 (5oz) bottle Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
2 oz (1/4 c) Fresh grated Parmesian Cheese
1 10-12 oz boneless skinless Chicken Breast
2 oz Blackening Mix (they use Chef Prudhomme's Blackening Mixture...I found it at Kroger!)
1ob cooked Linguine
1/2 oz or so grated Parmesian Cheese
Parsley (I didn't use)

Heat the cream and add the Thai Chili Sauce (I found this in the Asian Foods area at Kroger...but only could find a 6oz bottle so I obviously didn't use the whole bottle) and the 2 oz fresh grated Parmesian Cheese, until the cheese has melted.
Reserve and keep warm

Coat Chicken in Blackening Mixture and saute over med-high heat until cooked through, about 3-5 minutes on each side.  Slice the chicken in 1/2 in wide strips.  (I cut mine up while they sauted b/c I was nervous that they weren't cooking all the way through.

Reheat the Linguine in the sauce.

Serve the Linguine topped w/ the Chicken and sprinke w/ Parmesian Cheese and Parsley.

That was it...it really was even easier than it sounds!

Inspired by Brian and Bristol

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  1. I wonder if Ben would like any of this. I can't eat it with the chicken but it be great for the boys.

    1. Then just separate some of the noodles before putting the chicken on...still would be good!

  2. Oh goodness, this looks good! Thanks so much for popping by Take Six!

  3. OMG- this looks yummers! I am so making this, thank you very much for sharing! I am following you now and can't wait to keep poking around your blog!- Jen

    1. It is very good...I've already bought all the ingredients to make it again!

    2. Oh and I'm very happily following you as well!