Monday, December 19, 2011


Before daddy told him he needed to take it off!  This is my little man w/ the crazy hair.  I'm refusing to cut his hair for a while, I want it to grow back out!

Here is the 6 month old that I babysit sporting her tutu!

So the next Christmas gift that I ended up making was more for fun than anything.  I've seen so many really cute tutus out there and wanted to make one but I have a boy and no other baby girls in our family to make a tutu for.  So I made a tu-tu for the 6 month old baby girl I babysit and a friend of ours 4 month old baby girl! 

For Christmas my mother-n-law got me this Rotary Mat and tool....yeah, I'm pretty lucky!  The mat is way bigger than I dreamed of getting but wow!  It came in very handy with this project.  I know I know...I could have just cut the tule w/ scissors but I just had to put my new toys to use!

I made this pile of tule strips

I sat down in front of the tv and slip knotted the tule around a strip of ribbon. I cut the ribbon to be 3 times the waist size of the 6 month old so it would be plenty big enough to tie a bow and then as the child grows the ribbon would allow for growth where elastic is only going to stretch a little.

Love the colors!  These were made to represent a certain college team that we are pretty fond of!  And of course having the three colors allows for different looks!

The cool thing about having the three colors also is that if you pull all the blue tule to the top it looks really bluc, if you pull all the white to the top it looks pretty white and if you want the black to the top it looks a little "bad girl"! 

My two tutus....I decided to make matching first hairbows.  I really need to practice my barret making.  I made a flower which I do plan to blog about but it was a fail in my eyes...these bows weren't total fails but definitely with I would have done some things different.

This one is the first one I did and it's not so bad.....

This one was the second but the glue gun got a little messy and made a hole in the tule.

No tutorials on the hair bows...sorry I was so into "trying" to make them cute and getting burned constantly w/ the hot glue gun; I wasn't able to do pictures and I haven't the slightest on how to explain them to you.  Very sorry about that guys.

Inspired by sweet baby girls!

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  1. They are adorable. Very good idea to use the ribbon, which is also so much pretty then elastic would have been. I love the bows too, they are very cute! Wishing I had a little girl to make one for but were all boys over here.

  2. I know the all boys feelings! That is why I made them for other people! Hehe!

  3. Awwww, so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog & the sweet comment. Merry Christmas xox

  4. Great job on the tutu. Both of your models are adorable!

    Visiting from the Bunny Hop, Debra