Friday, December 9, 2011

T-shirt Necklaces

    I guess I'll stick with the same theme...t-shirt yarn uses!?  These necklaces are a lot different from the owl necklace with the t-shirt chain..this one was.a little more work, I made one of these for the same sister I made the owl necklace for but with this one I totally made one for me too! 

    As shown in my T-shirt Yarn post I created t-shirt yarn and did not cut the ends as to keep hoops if you will b/c my whole intentions were to make these t-shirt necklaces that I actually found before I joined blogland when I googled T-shirt necklaces thanks to a friend who said she made T-shirt Necklaces on I had to know what she was talking about and decided then that one day I would make one too.  And I did!

First off I took my t-shirt yarn which was made from a man's XXL t-shirt so they were pretty big and did figure 8s with them to double up and shorten the links in the necklace...I used both gray and black...I don't know about you but I'm a HUGE gray fan.  Especially dark gray but I had light gray so lets run with that!  Black is also at the top of my color list and together black and gray to me are great!  I didn't want to stick with just one color...I may do that one day but feel like at least with more than one color; it breaks it up a bit. 

I didn't really need a clasp since I never cut my loops in the first place but every necklace needs a back and the links needed to be held together some how.  So I took one of the loops of t-shirt yarn, cut it and looped it over and over around my necklace.  I hot glued the ends to hold them in place.

Yes seriously that is it! 

I decided to play a little more with my t-shirt yarn

anyone else digging flowers these days? (hehe) I cut some t-shirt yarn into small equal strips and started sewing through the ends

Until I had a flower

Then I did it until I had a small and big flower

I coiled some yarn for the middle of my little flower.

I'm not sure if I like you tell me what to do next...

Just the little flower to embellish
or both?

Okay...not a great picture of the flower but I was just not getting a good angel...but hopefully you are able to judge off of these pics!  I have not permanently attached it yet b/c I'm having a hard time deciding. Both flowers or just the little one?

Inspired by Erin (My friend on FB)

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  1. I love this! Now I want one. lol And such a pretty picture of you. :)

  2. I don't wear large necklaces so I may not be a very good judge, but I like the small flower. T-shirt yarn is pretty handy!

    I have to agree with Suzy that this is a pretty picture of you!

  3. I'm not a "big necklace" person either...actually accessorizing is kind of something I don't do but I'm digging it!

  4. I don't accessorize either, I've tried on several occasions and then I get worn out with the extra effort...sad, I know.
    I'm more of a ring girl. :)

  5. That is majorly cute, I'm going to show this to my daughter she will love it.