Monday, December 5, 2011

Owl Necklace

As usual very simple.  This is a Christmas gift for my little sister; I can post this because she doesn't read my blog.  Sad?  No, although people know that I have a blog I am not all that public with it.  I guess not completely sure I'm comfortable with people that close to me seeing my projects?  That doesn't make any I don't know!

I made this way easier than it should have been probably.  My little sister is obsessed with owls...yes obsessed.  You should see her room.  And when I say little sister I mean my 20 year old little sister so not so little.
My stepmom and I went to Michaels in search of a charm for a bookmark I plan to make for another Christmas gift when we came across an owl charm that we just knew my sister would love.  I'm on a major budget so I just bought the charm and figured I would take it from there once I got home.  I have never done much is making jewelry so I wasn't sure that I would have what I needed at home but I could always go back out when I figured out what it was that I was going to need. 

So I decided to do some t-shirt yarn, I had been wanting to do this anyways.  The strip I cut for this necklace was about 1/2 an inch from one of my husbands old work t-shirts from his old job.  I pulled it to stretch out the fabric and it kept breaking.  Therefore...too thin but I was able to get a strip long enough to make the necklace that I didn't break.  After this strip I made the rest of my strips wider for the layered t-shirt necklaces that I plan on making on a later date, so be on the look out for that! 

So this is what I ended up with

I did not take many pictures of this project, it was not going to work holding a camera and tieing knots at the same time, sorry!  So hopefully I can explain this.  I have the longer strip of t-shirt yarn to make the chain of the necklace and I used a short piece of t-shirt yarn to put through the loop on the charm and tie it to the chain of the necklace b/c when I just put the charm on the chain it kept flipping sideways.  Now I had wings on my necklace that I don't want to keep. 

A trip to the store got me some silver wire
I trimmed the wings and wrapped the wire around and around....I like it...and yes that is the end.  Ridiculous how simple huh? 

Are you wondering about the clasp of the necklace?  There isn't one yet....sorry.... this is incomplete and I'm going to give it to my sister that way.  My stepmom thinks that my sister (which is my half sister since she is the spawn of my dad and stepmom) will want more of a choker but I'm seeing this as more of a longer necklace....but it's for my sister so she should decide right?  All I plan to do is sew the fabric together at whatever length she wants.  As already mentioned I also plan to make her a layered t-shirt necklace and I think this will look really good with that but again....not sure if my sister will see it that way.  You'll have to tell me what you think after I get it all finished!

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  1. How do you make t-shirt yarn? Never heard of it before. :-/

  2. You can google it that is what I did....but I will also be doing a tutorial on it too

  3. Coolbeans, thank you! :) Nice necklace btw!

  4. The charm makes the necklace really....I just hope she likes it! I guess if she doesn't she can get the charm off and put it on a chain she does like....b/c I'm pretty sure she will like the charm for sure!

  5. If she's as into owls as you say she is, I'm sure she'll really like it! The owl charm plus the time and love put into creating it makes this necklace a special gift. :)

  6. Awww...thanks! I hope she likes it....I also made her a necklace all out of t-shirt yarn that I'll be posting about soon

  7. You're welcome! :) Checkin' out the latest posts now.