Friday, December 2, 2011

Problem grabbing buttons

I enjoy very much joining Linky Parties and this involved grabbing the blogger button for the Linky Parties to put on my post.  Well ever since we got our new computer last week I have been unable to grab blogger buttons.  It puts the text that you copy from the little box below the button into my post but will not translate into the actual blogger button.  I have it set to compose and I've tried Edit change.  Does anyone know if there is a setting with in my computer that I need to change or is this an issue anyone else is having.  The main difference I know of between the old and the new computers is that the old computer had Vista and this one has Windows 7.  This has been very frustrating and I haven't linked up to parties like usually because I can't figure this out.  Please help!

Inspired by Blogger Button Blunder


  1. I have had the same problem with some buttons lately. Only occasionally. Not all of them.
    But, I have changed to text links on my posts so that problem isn't an issue. Stop over and see today's post to see how that works. I know some blogs don't like text links and want you to use their buttons. But not too many.

  2. So maybe it's not just me? After your comment I went to your link to view your party links since I had already seen your post of the runner itself! So I decided to look at some other people who have linked to parties I've been linking to and it appears they have been doing text links too. This is also what I have been doing for the parties I did link to. I did have an easy way to post my links from my page w/ the buttons but I guess I need to create one of those for text links. Thanks so much for your response...I'm really beginning to believe that it isn't my new computer but something up w/ blogland!