Monday, December 12, 2011

Fleece Blanket

Back Story:  This past spring we purchased a blue toddler size bed in the shape of a race car for Gregory....I never would have if I didn't find it at a yard sale for $25....which I paid $20 for.  Turns out this is one heck of a deal!  So I did a lot of research on bedding and we were set; we were going to redo Gregory's room into a Disney Cars theme....we bought some items and my parents were going to buy Gregory the Disney Cars themed sheets for Christmas.  Then we realized that in changing to this new theme we would need to repaint Gregory's room which is currently a baby green color and he would need new window treatments.... okay am I sounding lame yet?  I know many of you repaint rooms over and over but I'm not a painter.  I didn't even paint his room the color it is...we picked the color when they build the house for our nursery.  I love the color and I know it wont stay that color forever but I really don't see a true need to do all that work when Gregory doesn't really have a preference yet.  He didn't choose Disney Cars we did.... he doesn't care at 20 months the color on his walls.  So we decided to save this huge room change for when Gregory says he wants something specific.  So we took the Disney Cars themed stuff back to the store and threw my step-mom back to square one on her Christmas shopping!  So the race car bed was just not going to work b/c I couldn't find anything that would make this big blue car go well with these baby green walls.  So we were going to get a regular toddler bed and save money by just useing his nursery bedding since a toddler bed is the same size as a crib anyways.  UNTIL!

Next Story:  Gregory loves wrapping his blankets around himself so we would turn the blankets sideways so they would be wide enough for him to do so.  Well he wouldn't stop growing and now is getting to tall for the covers to wrap around him sideways and still cover his tootsies!  So I decided for Christmas Gregory needed some blankets.  Not huge ones but bigger than the baby blankets *sad moment*  So I went to Hancocks to get some fleece to make him some blankets.  I also had in my mind how awesome it would be to make him little pillows w/ pillow cases since he is always trying to steal mine and then takes the pillow case off!  That is when I found the most perfect fabric for both the pillow and the blanket.....wait a minute....the fabric was perfect to tie the car bed into Gregory's room and BONUS....has Mickey on it.  Gregory loves Mickey!

This is Gregory's fleece blanket I made.  He is also getting one from my stepmom with Toy Story on it....she does the fleece where you tie the knots around the blanket.  I have never done one of those blankets and wanted a little cleaner of a look since this will end up on his bed when we switch him to his toddler bed.  So I placed the front and back fabric face to face...sewed around it and flipped it right side out.  Hand stitchd the bottom corner and there you have it.  Little vehicles and some are light green and is the back!

Couldn't be more perfect!

Then the pillow...ended up being a lot smaller than I had planned....I learned something new after making it...sometimes you have to stretch fabric after you buy it.  Like my fabric was cut crooked and I couldn't get it to match up w/ out totally cutting it apart and smaller.  I wanted a standard size pillow but it works because now we have toddler size pillows.  (I say pillow(s) b/c I also made one of these in Toy Story to match the fleece blanket my stepmom is doing for Gregory...he needs more than one big blanket!)

I was so excited to find both fleece and cotton fabric that matched so well....and since I did I made these pillow/pillow case and blanket sets for Gregory!

Shhhh....these are Christmas gifts for him!  The pillow was made as any pillow...fabric placed face to face, sewn around the fabric leaving an opening to turn right side out....stuffed and hand sewed the opening.  With the pillow cases I cut the two sides of the pillow cases about 2 inches bigger than the pillow so it would fit over the pillow; I sewed the end strips (white strip shown in picture above on the pillow case) on the ends of the two side of the pillow case...placed the fabric face to face, sewed around the other three sides, turned right side out and they were done.  That simple....sorry for the lack of pictures, I didn't blog when I made these....very new to blogland!

So with this most perfect cotton fabric for Gregory's toddler bed and walls...for Gregory's b-day I'll be making his entire bed set.  There is also another pillow case made in white w/ the Mickey fabric for the fold and hopefully Appliqued on the white will be his name or initials....not sure yet.  I've never done Appliques!  But the fabric has already been bought....but come step at a time!  I'm working on Christmas right now....come January I'll be getting to work on the bed set and Appliqued pillow case for Gregory's b-day which is April 1. 
What age do they move to toddler beds anyways?

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  1. I know who I'm coming to if I want custom bedding! Everything looks really good! Glad you were able to find the perfect fabric for your needs. Sorry I'm no help on the toddler bed question.