Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Card Display

    I've seen a lot of great Christmas Card holders and knew that come this Christmas I was definitely going to have to do something other than tape them to the wall next to the kitchen doorway!  So I decided that I would take a long Christmas ribbon, put it on the wall and attach the Christmas cards we received w/ a clothes pin.  Well....when I got around to doing this project I went a total different direction but I love it!

So I bought this foam board a couple of years ago and was going to try to paint something for my room on it but it sat in the attic forever and now I don't feel like painting on it but now it has new life!  I traced the round pizza cookie sheet that I used for the cookie cake, then I drew a larger circle around that for a wreath.

I cut it out useing an xacto knife

I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and cut it.....I cut several pieces before going to the next step

I hot glued the ends down

Overlapped the ends on the back of the wreath

The bow...yeah as usual since I don't think I'm good at them I just do them and don't end up w/ any pictures.  I'll try to explain.... I cut multiple strips from the silver ribbon....I glued each strip into a loop.  I laid the loops on top of each other forming a circle...glueing each one on top of the other.  Then I took two small strips of the red ribbon...glued them into little loops, glued them on top of each other and then tacked them to the middle of my ribbon.  Not show in this picture are the two ribbon strips I ended up gluing to the wreath behind the bow to hang down from the wreath.

So here it is all loaded up....for the most part it worked well.  I paper clipped (there will be another project to make these plain paper clips more festive for next year!) the Christmas cards to the ribbons....since I did a bunch of individual strips around the wreath it provided me w/ plenty of spots to clip cards to!  We did end up getting 4 more Christmas cards so far and I just attached those to the hanging ribbons but probably could have arranged the Christmas cards around the wreath a little closer so they would have all fit.  I guess if you get a whole lot of Christmas cards this may not work for me this is a lot and I feel so blessed that all of these loved ones thought of me!  I really like my Christmas card holder.  What do you think?

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  1. I think that's the Best Christmas Card Display I've ever seen!

    Congratulations and

    Merry Christmas!
    from; NFL Classifieds!

  2. Creative way of displaying Christmas cards! :)

  3. Cute--always looking for something to do with Christmas cards!

  4. Cute idea! A card display has been on my Christmas To Do list for a few years now and I never seem to get around to it! I'll have to remember this for next year. Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark and always taking the time to leave me a little comment. It is very much appreciated!!! Your email is set to no reply and I always feel bad that I can't always get back to you. Take care my bloggy friend and Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Jenn :)

  5. I'm not sure about the e-mail thing, I'm pretty new to this. But it's awesome knowing that you see my work! Thank you for the linky party every week, I love joining in!