Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Entryway Basket

I've seen many posts on entryways and of course loved many.  My entryway is nothing's a slab of lenolium at the front door which is in my living room.  Behind the door we have a coat rack which my dad made for us and a crappy Walmart shoe rack on the floor.  We still have the crappy Walmart shoe rack but I hope to change that soon if I can find the right piece of "Another Man's Trash" to make what I want for our shoes!  With all the inspiration however I have at least been thinking about updating my entryway and made a step towards doing so!

What do you see other than a gravel driveway that my husband wont keep his crap off of?  All I see is a crappy fouton that has seen better days.  My husband already welded it together once and the weld broke again....we decided it just took up too much room and it was time to let it go!  I've been inspired a lot lately to see potential even in garbage!  These end pieces are "mostly" wood and I knew just what to do with that basket!

So I took both end pieces off of the metal frame and took them to my dad's!

We separated the baskets from the rest of the wood structures

Dad made end pieces to fit...he is awesome!

I cleaned them and painted them white to match the coat rack they would be above and of course all the doors and boarder in our house.

End result!  I'm very happy with it and it most definitely adds to the look of our entryway.  Especially since Mike has a tendency to put his hats and even his sun glasses on the coat rack which makes the coat rack cluttered and messy....for now his hats that he wears daily have a place where Mike can put them and not make me frustrated!!  :-)

There was another end piece...couldn't let it go to waste!  I thought to put it in the play room above the coat rack in there and maybe one day that will happen????  That is if we add an addition to the house and the new addition is the playroom!  For now I really like how it looks on my headboard!

Yes very plain jane.  I've thought about adding a few little things to dress it up but I'm currently working on another project which is going to make this wall look great!  Imagine what this looked like before the basket!!!

Inspired by Entryways in Blogland!


  1. You are Brilliant! Love the little racks you made-- so clever lady! Thanks for sharing this.. and can't wait to see what else you have going on over there! Great Job!

    1. I don't think I would say brilliant but thanks! I think it helps when I'm looking for something specific....I was wanting a kind of planter box look but when we decided to get rid of the fouton and I realized what I had I went w/ it!

  2. WOW! Now that's what I call creativity! I never would have envisioned using pieces from a futon to create shelving, niiiiiice!