Monday, February 27, 2012

Applique Pillow

So here is another birthday gift for my little guy who turns 2 in April.  Those of you who have been following me have already seen a couple other birthday gifts I've made for him for this year and know that there are a couple more things still in the works.  I've been very busy!  In this entry I'm sharing with you a pillow I made for Gregory's bed set that I'm making him for his birthday.  I hadn't originally planned to make this pillow but when I made the Applique Pillowcase I did a practice "G" which turned out to look good!  So I didn't want to just discard it and decided I would put it on a here we go!!!

I made the Applique obviously in the same way that I did for the Applique Pillowcase.                 

Then I took the fleece fabric for my pillow and cut a hole in it so that I could Applique my Appliqued piece showing through the hole from behind the main pillow fabric.  I think I've seen that this is referred to a reverse applique since it's sewn behind the main piece of fabric???

I pinned and sewed in my Appliqued piece

I made the pillow like you make every pillow...I took my two pieces of fabric...placed them right side to right side.  Sew around the edges leaveing a hole to turn it right side out.

I then stuffed it and hand sewn the hole shut

I think it turned out pretty cute and very unique!

Inspired by Gregory's Birthday!

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