Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tasty Tuesday/Dipped in Chocolate

Here we join again for another Tasty Tuesday!  Todays post is not much about cooking but just me showing off what I did for my hubby for Valentine's Day.  Now you are asking..."Okay why didn't she post this last Tuesday when it was indeed Valentine's Day!?".  I do not have a reason....I'm just posting it today!  You can do this anytime though...Valentine's Day was just an excuse for me to make some chocolatey goodies!

I bought some candy coating chocolate after Christmas when they were clearanced...they are still good until 2013 but I guess the store just didn't want to hold onto them so I stocked up!  They are so simple...we used the same stuff when making our cake balls at Christmas time.  You simple microwave according to the directions and then once it's nice and creamy you start dipping!

Got our Strawberries

Dipped them and placed them on Parchment Paper

Had plenty left over after I was done dipping the Strawberries so I started dipping some pretzels


These goodies have been a huge hit at our house!

Dipping was slightly time consuming but so worth it!!  Thanks for visiting!

Inspired by Valentine's Lovin'


  1. Love Your Tasty Tuesday! Those look so good! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, it's nice to know someone enjoys seeing it!

  2. I think I just died and went to chocolate heaven! Love chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels...yum yum yum. Nice V-day gift idea! :)

  3. Now you know why I can't get rid of my weight! :-)

  4. Food temptation is everywhere...grr!