Monday, March 5, 2012

Gregory's Birthday/Name Quilted Blanket

Another birthday gift for my precious Gregory!  I'm still working on the final gift but I have this one to share.  It was a time consuming gift but my favorite I think!  I shared with you here the quilt I made for Gregory for his first birthday.  This year I had not planned to make a quilt for Gregory but a comforter to be a part of his bedroom suit I've been working on.  Well the bedroom suit is I will share Gregory's quilt....yes that is right...I ended up making another quilt that is also Mickey Mouse but very different too!

Here is my blanket all laid out.  The back is white, there is a layer of fusible batting (reason for the iron!) and the top fabric is my Mickey Mouse fabric!  I ran the iron over my fabrics as instructed to get all my layers to stick together.

I folded around the quilt to create clean edges on my blanket and pinned them into place.

Sewed all around to hold the finished edges!

I made stencils for Gregory's name.....this is where this became a pretty big project!

I made a graph on the back of the blanket so I knew how much room I had for each letter

This is the front of the finished project

Here is the you see it?  There are some missing pictures but I made stencils of Gregory's first and middle names since they both have seven characters is was perfect.  I traced the letters into each square as shown a few pictures up and then I followed the traced lines on my sewing machine.  In the end...I sewed Gregory's name into this blanket.  I think it turned out was really hard to get a picture of this since I used white thread but this is how I mean't for it to look.  I hope Gregory will love it and keep it always!

Inspired by Gregory's Birthday


  1. Adding the letters on the back is a great idea and I am sure quite time consuming! He will cherish it forever!

  2. Are you kidding- He will LOVE it! Adorable!!! Great work! I as well love the back of it with his name! super super cute!

    1. Awwww....thank you so much! I'm really excited about it and love being able to make things for Gregory that he can potentially keep forever knowing that I put a lot of love into them.

  3. Love the personalization by including G's name on the back! :)