Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In need of a cleanse......but there is a list for that

    I spent my day as I usually do; with the tiny people.  We had a decent day of playing until my own personal tiny person decided to turn on the cranky switch.  This of course happened right before I got a call from my husband telling me that he was going to be working late.  So we went about our evening and I fed Gregory dinner and I thought...oh he was just hungry....ten minutes later the whining continued.  I should let you know that when my son is like this not only does he whine but he uses me as a jungle gym along with just being careless in everything he does.  Although at 18 months I don't believe he realizes this fact but he starts running and not paying attention where he is going and ends up busting his lip (yes this happened today!) or he slips b/c he decided to stand on a toy which wasn't meant to be stood on....oh and so much more.  The point is; I began to get a bit frazzled but just in time my step mom came over to save the day!  I only had an hour before bedtime but I was very happy to see her! Now he is peacefully tucked into bed..............
    Now I'm too sleepy to utilize what is usually my crafty project time so I'll tell you about the big project I've been working on for weeks.  I'm not so sure it is blog worthy but it's a project non the less that has taken a lot of my time lately.  As a WAHM I began to feel a bit claustrophobic in my home/workplace.  I felt like I needed a cleanse through out my house.  So I decided to take this project on one room at a time.  Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have began to get too overwhelmed and would give up.  So far this has worked...I make a list every week of the things I would like to do in a particular room and as a self proclaimed lister this has worked well for me.  I must admit that not every room has only taken a week I'm still proud of my accomplishments.  I have completed 5 out of the 7 rooms in our home which consists of Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, Utility room and a Living room.  I have two of the bedrooms left.  Mine being one of those rooms which is also where my crafty clutter resides.  I have some ideas!  But the project is reorganizing my home by day and the more fun craft projects by night!  However after completing the 5 out of 7 rooms I look at the 'completed' rooms and see that they already need polishing up.  I guess this would be much like a body cleanse your body just so after you go back to the daily grind, the crap builds up again!  So this week has been set aside to go back and redo on a smaller scale what I've already done; even though on a daily basis I'm straightening and wiping down all the rooms anyways.  Those of you with a child or even just a husband, know exactly where I am coming from...UGH!  But I am getting there...sorry I failed to make sure I had before and after pictures of this cleanse!  But in this huge project I have found so many things I would like to or need to do within my home to make it look better or be better organized.  So now there are some decore and DIY projects in my near future.  But there is a list for that :)

Inspired by my OCD

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  1. I love the idea of doing a list. I get so over whelmed when it comes to cleaning. Also I must say it a nice touch for you to add what inspired your post at the end of each one.