Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christmas Craft Flashback


    I would like to take you on a journey back to November 2009.  I was a mere 4 months pregnant with my first child and in November we were having the BIG Ultrasound.  You know the one.....the so exciting ultrasound where you find out the sex of your unborn child.  Of course as soon as I found out there was a mass text to all my loved ones to share the great news that our unborn child would no longer go by "The Poppel" but by Gregory Michael!  We were so excited and ran straight to Babies R Us to register for all the fun baby stuff we wanted our baby boy to have!  To this day, we have been so blessed in giving him EVERYTHING he could possibly dream of...within reason of course!  In my pregnant state I wanted to do something special for Christmas gifts for our close family.  And of course handmade gifts are high in sentiment but can be low in the financial area.  So I stocked up on simple and plain wood frames that I got from Walmart for a few dollars a piece.  I regret to say that I do not remember the price but they are very reasonable and can be found in the craft section of your local Walmart Store.  I also bought a package of paint brushes, some paint sponges, paint stencils for lettering and different color craft paints in the colors that I had decided to use in the baby nursery.  (Baby Blue, Chocolate Brown and Sage Green)  Or as close to those colors as I could find in the Walmart craft paint selection.  These bottles range in price depending on the brand you wish to buy but I bought the cheaper brand which were under $2 a bottle and really go a long way.  Of course in hindsight this would have been an awesome way to announce the sex of our unborn child but there is no way I could have held that in for a whole month!!  So Mike and I set up our kitchen table and every night for about a week we would sit and paint the picture frames; it was great husband and wife bonding time  ;-)  Inside each frame since our little Gregory had yet to be born we put sonogram pictures in each frame.  We just took our sonogram pictures to Walmart, scanned them and printed them out in the needed size.  They were a big hit!   If you already have children they could even help!  I believe this would make for a cheap but fun family project!
    Here is a little glimpse at our art work and a great Christmas idea.
    (Sorry I don't have pics of us at work but this was well before my blogging days!)

Inspired by "The Poppel"

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  1. Very sentimental, quality time with Mommy and Daddy, and I'm sure they were a big hit!

    Nice idea, thanks for posting about it :D

    Smiles from Illinois,