Monday, October 17, 2011

I need your creative ideas.........

Hello.... hello.... is anyone there!?  I need your help with creative ideas on what in the world to do with these pre-fold cloth diapers! (Seen below)

    While pregnant I was running around buying baby clothes and decorating the nursery.  I was also figuring out whether I was going to nurse or use formula, work or stay home, cloth diaper or use disposables.'s a little simpler than that!  All these decisions do have to be made but the diaper issue wasn't something I put a lot of thought into.  I went to a local store called "Momma's Hip" because I wanted a Moby Wrap and I knew this particular store carried them.  While browsing their store I saw the cutest little diapers which weren't just diaper covers they were cloth diapers!  The brand was Bum Genius and they were adorable.  With some thought and discussing the idea with my husband who is pretty much on board with most things; I decided I would like to look into cloth diapering.  I'm always up to save some money and cloth diapering can definitely help you save money!  I even found a recipe for the detergent to use on them so I just made my own which also saved us some money.  So we decided I would cloth diaper part time.  Since I decided to stay home with my son I cloth diaper during the day while we are at home.......  The All in Ones and the Diaper Covers were kind of pricey but I found some All in Ones on ebay for a great price and ordered them but figured I should have some pre-fold diapers with Diaper Covers too.  So I bought quite a few as you can see in the above picture!  Well the All in Ones are great and I love them....the pre-folds with covers not so much.  I have yet to be able to use them without them leaking so I just stuck to my All in Ones.  So I have all these pre-fold diapers which my husband would LOVE me to give him to use on polishing cars....that is all fine but he doesn't need ALL of them so I would like to use them creatively.  This is where you come in.  I need ideas!  So now is the time to speak up and tell me.....What would you do with these pre-fold cloth diapers?

(Here is a picture of what one looks like in case you aren't sure.  The middle part is layered, about 4 layers compared to the 1 layered side sections)

Inspired by "Momma's Hip"


  1. I would decorate them, add a layer of colored fabric and sell them as burp clothes. Thats what i used them for anyway when I had little C.

  2. I will for sure try this! I'm up for other challenges as well if anyone else has any other ideas! There are plenty pre-fold cloth diapers to go around!

  3. Hi again--- read the post and the first thing I thought is burp clothes too! Diapers make wonderful burp clothes, and you can add fabric, or ribbon to the edges to pretty them up. (Or handsome them up in Gregory's case)

    Your Follower in IL
    Smiles, Suzanne