Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Recipe Box Challenge

     My recipe box or boxes and index card book were a mess!  I would print different recipes offline or write down others recipes that I thought sounded good and stuff them in a box.  I should say that I'm not a good cook.  I can cook things that come in a box and I'm capable of following a recipe that has specific instructions but have been known to screw those up too!  But I do have many recipes and in my organizing my home I realized when organizing my kitchen for some reason I overlooked the mess of recipes I had.  Whether they were in boxes or not; they needed some serious straightening up.

    Finally after a few days of sitting and writing all of these loose recipes onto index cards that would properly fit into my recipe box where I would put them in alphabetical order.  Organized!  In this process I ended up with two new projects all of the sudden! 

    After being in blogland for a few weeks now I have viewed my fair share of blogs covering organization, crafts, sewing, refurbishing, etc....which have all inspired me in so many different ways.  I've been very amazed at how people take things that look like pure junk that one might throw away, give to a consignment shop or sell in a yard sale and make it into something beautiful.  So much so that when I go to yard sales or find something of my own that is looking rough my mind immediately goes to....what can I do to make that beautiful again!?  With that said...I now have an empty recipe box that is a dirty hot mess that I would have probably slipped into the yard sale box three weeks ago but today?  I see potential.  So I plan to make that empty dirty recipe box useful again!
.........on a larger scale.............
    While writing all of these recipes down I realized I've only actually cooked maybe 1/4 of them.  Again.....I am so not a cook and don't really enjoy it but I think that is b/c I'm not successful at it.  So....and here it is.....  I'm challenging myself.  Nothing too drastic but drastic enough for me being that I'm the opposite of Betty Crocker.  I am going to challenge myself to cook one recipe out of my box every week until I have made them all.  Perhaps I'll learn a thing or two about cooking or even about myself.  This may make my husband happy or not so much.....he loves food but isn't always thrilled about my cooking.  In this venture I'll keep you updated each week of the recipe I tried and how it turned out.  This ought to be very interesting!!!!  I hope you'll join me in this journey!

Inspired by my recipe box


  1. Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? If not, you should, it's cute and this portion of your blog kind of reminds me of the movie! :)

    Hope to see Paleo Brownies as one of your adventure recipes! ;)

    Good luck!

  2. Yes I have seen Julie and Julia, probably some inspiration could have come from that movie...except I wouldn't dare to challenge myself to do a recipe everyday! The Paleo Brownie recipe is in that box which means it will have to be done to complete my challenge. But it's in the "Ps" so it might be a while...I have to find Almond Flour somewhere to do it first!

  3. A recipe a day would be time consuming but it would definitely get you through the challenge quickly! lol

    New yard sale item: food processor that will let you make your own Almond Flour! ;)

  4. Yeah b/c those are super pricey new!