Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Race Car Bed

Hello, hello!
I hope everyone is doing well...I know I'm doing pretty good myself!  My husband, my son and I were lucky enough to enjoy a three day weekend together!  This rarely happens since even on holiday three day weekends Mike usually ends up having to work on Saturday....so athlo they are two days which is longer than the one day weekend he usually gets it's still no fun that he doesn't get three days.  Well we had a sonogram this morning so he took off work and at my husband's job if you take off Friday or Monday you get off on Saturday!  So we kicked our weekend off Saturday by changing up Gregory's room a little!  We took out his crib and put in his big boy Race Car bed!  I bought this bed a year ago for $20 at a yard sale and have been excited to give it to him ever since.  However my son has never been one to try to climb out of his crib so I didn't have any reason to make the move.  Now w/ a new baby coming along I decided we should do it; I really don't want Gregory to see me take his bed from him and give it to the baby even though his new bed is WAY cooler!  Gregory loves cars...no seriously!  That is all the kid wants to do!  So it's no surpise that he was pretty excited when we pulled that Race Car Bed out of Mimi and Papaw's attic where it has been stored for over a year!  He even was super excited to help Momma clean it...Momma used Clorox wipes while Gregory touched up w/ the baby wipes!  ;-)  It's all the same to him he LOVED it.  On a negative note Daddy put the bed on the porch to be cleaned and well in all the excitement of trying to help clean the bed Gregory fell off the porch and hit Momma's Happy Halloween sign.  :-(

Sorry for the blurry pic I took it w/ my phone.  But you see where he was showing his booboo and asking for kisses!

Anyways...the bed went into his room and he was actually ready and willing to take a nap!  We were running a little late on naptime so I'm sure he was sleepy but that usually doesn't keep him from fighting a nap!  But the bed definitely made it more fun!  He took a great nap!

Notice the pillows and quilt...I made those for Gregory for his 2nd bday to tie his room all together.  His car bed, the brown curtains, the sage green walls..... I couldn't find anything so I had to make his bedset and it worked out great w/ the Mickey Mouse Vehicle fabric I found!  Shown in these posts... Quilt, Applique Pillow and Pillow w/ Pillow Case.  I also put a noodle under the sheet to try to prevent him from falling out of the bed; just a little trick I saw on Pinterest.  This didn't do the trick that night though, he did fall out of his bed that night and I woke up w/ him half off the bed but I watched and w/ a little confusion he climbed right back into the bed! 

That evening we went to a Chili Cook Off where my husband put in some chili and altho we heard his number being talked about A LOT and people even thought he won, sadly he didn't win.  But we had a good time, w/ good ppl and yummy food!  That evening Gregory fell asleep in the car on the way home so going to bed wasn't much of an experiment.  But props to him for sleeping very well all night! 

Sunday we went to church and then I had a 31 Party where I ordered some really exciting stuff...now the not so fun part of waiting for my order to get here!  Monday we had our Sonogram, had lunch with some family, played at the play ground, ran some errands and relaxed before a yummy dinner as a family.  Who could ask for any better of a weekend w/ their family!?  Now I'm a little sad b/c Mike had to leave early this morning to cut grass and he went straight to work after that so I wont see him until 11:30pm tonight.  Really hoping Gregory doesn't give Momma any trouble going to bed tonight as he has done so well going to bed in his big boy bed w/ daddy here!  Guess we will have to wait and see!

Inspired by the Race Car Bed!

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