Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Festivities

While Fall is no where near over and neither are the festivities I've learned to enjoy since I've had a child.  Summer has been my favorite season ever since I can remember and I still love summer but the other seasons have a whole new meaning now that I have my son.  They mean memories and getting to be a kid again.  Having a reason to do all those things you used to do as a child or you wish you would have gotten to do as a child.  It's no secret that my mom was not mom of the year and I don't have a whole lot of memories from my childhood that involve my mom that are happy ones.  Which is why I think I enjoy so much making memories w/ Gregory and these memories I hope when he is an adult he can remember his Momma being right there w/ him having fun and loving life w/ him! 
So w/ my husband's work schedule it is hard to sneak in the fall festivities and I really want him to get to be a part of these things too.  Gregory's memories need to include his daddy too but it's not always possible but I do what I can!  Family time means so much to me!  Money is good to have and I am so incredibly thankful for Mike's hard work, long hours and missing out on things to make sure we have things covered around here.  But when it comes to having family time I do everything in my power to make it happen it's just not always that easy!  I will say I have purposely cleared Mike's responsiblities around the house a time or two and told him to just play w/ Gregory.  It's so imporitant to me as I'm sure it is to Gregory as well!  I know as he gets older he and dad will do more together.  They may take care of those responsibilities like fixing the car together and get to do those things my husband enjoys like hunting together and I really hope that happens even though that will mean Momma will probably get left out then  :-(  I guess that is where our roles will reverse.... right now it's "Momma, Momma, Momma" b/c I'm always the one sacrificing any alone time b/c of Gregory where one day I'll probably have more alone time than I could ever want.  I'm not the type that likes to be alone anyways!  Gregory makes for nice built in company!  However this Momma yearns for adult time even if Gregory is there w/ me I just really like to have another adult around!

So.........Fall Festivities! 

A tradition I guess we started since having Gregory is going to the pumpkin patch.  Maybe I was missing out on life or just too cool but before Gregory we may have gone once or twice but it was just NOT my thing.  Now I love it and makes for some adorable pictures of my little man!  Every year I suit him up in what I feel is the perfect fall/country boy outfit and we hit the local pumpkin patch.  There is a much larger one about an hour away but it's just not worth it to me.  That place is so much more commericialized therefore pricier and more crowded.  I really like the laid back feel of the local pumpkin patch.  They have a little ride for the kids, bouncie house, pumpkin painting, face painting, a sort of play ground of hay bails, a little old country store, a small area they cook out and serve food, petting zoo, pony rides and of course the pumpkin patch.  No not top of the line but we have so much fun and couldn't ask for a better time!  We invited the usual of grandparents and this year we even had some friends we met up w/ so it was even more fun as Gregory adored playing w/ their little boy that is just a year older than him.

Gregory painting his pumpkin
Papaw, Gregory and Daddy....I just had to sneak it in I love these kind of pics!
Gregory and our friend's son...Gregory loved having him there!
Gregory and Momma feeding a goat!
Our little family; Gregory wasn't cooperating w/ pics that well!
He had a lot of fun!
So just a few pictures of our trip to the pumpkin patch.  More festivities to come as we have and will continue to do Halloween related stuff and I can't wait to share. 
What traditions do you have or want to have w/ your family?
Inspired by Fall Traditions

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