Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Knitting for Baby

First off HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!  I'm looking forward to taking my cute little fireman trick or treating this evening.  Pictures will be shared!  However today's post has nothing to do with Halloween it's just the first time I've gotten to my blog to post. 

So as mentioned I am pregnant with baby boy number 2!  Of course baby boy number 1 was super exciting.  We did do maternity pictures and bought all the stuff to prepare for him.  We kept most of his things so this time around there isn't as much to do.  We will be doing maternity pictures when the time comes but shopping and getting all this baby stuff isn't necessary anywhere near as much as the first time around.  So it's been decided that we really need to do some special things for this baby to give it that fun factor.  So the main thing I've been focusing on is getting a few cute items that will be super adorable in newborn pictures.  One of the items I ordered was this little hat.

I saw these on Etsy but found this one on ebay for a little cheaper.  Not sure how well this photo turned out but the hat is dark gray.  I'm really hoping to incorporate grays into the new baby's theme!  Baby number 1 was more brown and a bright blue.  Well anyways...this hat will of course be put on his little head for photos and I'm sure at other points as well but in pics I'm thinking he will wear this hat and a diaper.  Yeah the diaper is going to stick out like a sore thumb!  So I need to figure out how to fix that so the pictures turn out well.  I can knit....I cannot knit a hat but I do scarves often and have done one baby blanket for my now 6 year old neice!  So I decided I could make a small blanket to match the hat that we can lay over his diaper to make the pictures look better! 

So I pull out my knitting stuff and found that I have an almost completed scarf on my needles that I am pretty sure I have worked on a little at a time for the past 2 years.  Yes you read that right!  I'm horrible!  Last winter I was a busy bee on a lot of other projects, I didn't do much when it came to knitting.  I just find it very time conusming.  But before starting yet another knitting project I really needed to finish that scarf!

So there she is, I did finish it and now can move on to work on the baby's blanket!

Got a good start and I've done some since this picture but I've got a long ways to go!  I've got 18 weeks to do it!  Pictures will be posted when it's complete!

On a side note.....I'm working a little on my picture taking skills and as I'm sure you can see I have A LOT of work to do!  But below are two pictures I editing done.  I haven't gotten that far but what do you think?  Which picture do you prefer and what are your thoughts?

Give me your thoughts!

Inspired by Photography

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