Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Decore

Not much to share these days.  I'm still waiting to be able to feel the baby moving.  I can't believe I don't feel him yet.  I'm going on 18 weeks with my second pregnancy.  I had always heard you feel movement sooner w/ subsequent pregnancies and I'm just not feeling him!?  I do know he is alive and kicking b/c I have a fetal dopplar and I listen to his heart and movement daily, just ready to be able to feel him inside of me. 

Not so sure I updated w/ our Potty Traning journey.  It was a bust.  We gave Gregory a week and he wasn't catching on and continued to show frustration so we were advised and decided amongst ourselves that it would be best if we dropped the Potty Training.  With a new baby coming Gregory is about to be going through a lot of big changes in his life so we wanted to cause him as little frustration as possible.  Gregory was fine w/ going back to diapers but has asked to use the potty a few times since but we aren't going to jump back into potty training for a while. 

I have decorated for fall!  Here are a few photos:

Not much but bought this for $1 at Target the other day so I put it on my entertainment center.

Sitting inside of my front door is this Mickey pumpkin w/ a maroon metal bucket holding all those flowers behind it.

Here is a display of pumpkins in my kitchen.  All the pumpkins seen here except the ones in the middle were bought at Walmart last year after fall for 75% off!!  Also seen to the right side is the Pedestal Bowl I posted about here!

This is my front door.  The lighting is not great for photos but w/ a few window clings and my scarecrow welcome hanger it's cute at least!  I have bought supplies to make a wreath but haven't gotten to that.

However most of my time these days is just trying to recorganize our house to make room for baby Zachary.  We do plan to add an additional room but we are building it ourselves so it's going to take time to get that done so in the mean time we will make due with the space that we have available to us.  I've got the closet in the extra room aka the playroom where my babysitting kids spend most of their time emptied out so I have a place to put Zachary's clothes and some of his other things.  My next project I hope to get done this week is cleaning out my own closet to put some of the things I took our of Zachary's closet!  At that point I will have cleared my craft area as I have plans to make the boys a few things!  So maybe I can get back into some projects to post soon!?

Inspired by Fall


  1. Sebastian basically woke up one day and decided to be potty trained, after Oliver was born and he broke his leg it made potty time difficult and painful. He had accidents but after a week figured it out again. After it came off mommy wasn't catering to him as much so he had a time period again were he had accidents...He is now good except nighttime which I read is normal until they are 6. He will figure it out and you are right, even if you pushed it now alot of children regress for a little with new babies. As far as baby moving I didn't feel Oliver till later either...and when I did it was very faint...but he made up for it let me tell you!!!

    1. I've read a lot that the going age is 3 for boys anyways, I'm not sweating it. I don't want to make it this big frustrating ordeal; I'll wait til he is ready. I wouldn't worry about nighttime either; I mean what can you do you know!? Sounds like he is doing great otherwise!

  2. I think you are one the right track about potty training. When the child is ready, it will work.
    I love your home decor. Good luck on finishing your new room.

    1. Thanks you! The decor is very simple but at least I did something is the way I figure these days! As far as the room; we could use the luck! We haven't even gotten started yet b/c we are waiting for direction on starting!