Monday, September 24, 2012

Gender Reveal

At 16 weeks my husband and I opted to get an elective ultra sound to determine the gender of our baby that I'm carrying.  With my first I knew he was a boy from the moment I found out I was pregnant; I just knew!  This time I was back and forth.  I had a lot of morning sickness which I didn't have with my first so I thought probably a girl.  Then I was sure it was a girl and then I started flip flopping again.  As the ultra sound date grew closer and closer I realized that I really wanted a girl.  I was seeing so many super cute girl things, dresses, bows, tutus, bloomers etc.  I started picturing all this in my mind. 
Then we had the ultra sounds and found out.................
It's a boy!!  Yeah so I was hoping for a girl and there was a little disappointment in that but there is plenty of good things about having another boy.  My son who will be almost 3 when this baby is born will soon have a brother to grow up with.  Play cars, go fishing and hunting w/.....endless things two brothers can do together.  And of course love, cherrish and take care of their momma!!!  So no bows or dresses but a Zachary Paul on the way.  My husband and I did waver from our "Only 2 kids" stance and are thinking that in a few years if we get an itch for another child we could try for another and maybe get a girl?  No pressure to do so but my husband isn't getting snipped like I had planned!  That is probably why he agreed to the third child!!  :-)

So this weekend we did a lot of stuff focusing on the new baby.  Even though we are having another boy and have no need for another baby shower we went and registered for a few things.  It's more for ourselves a kind of "Wish List" if you will that we will purchase off of and if any family were to want to they could too.  Registering also means free goodies and coupons in the mail!!!  I also bought him a little outfit but failed in finding a blanket I wanted to buy for him...hoping to find one this weekend.  We kept pretty much everything from our first son so we don't really need anything but Zachary needs a few of his own things too!

Sunday we had a Gender Reveal Party planned for close family and super close friends.  A little craftiness went into it so figured I would share some stuff we did.  Most ideas picked up from Pinterest of course!

First off I didn't get a picture of the boxes I made so I'll try to explain.  I decorated 2 empty baby wipe boxes.  One saying "Team Girl" and one saying "Team Boy".  Everyone was to write their name on a slip of baby and put it into the box that went w/ the gender they thought the baby was.  Of course 90% of everyone thought girl!!  So we had our son Gregory draw a name out of each box.  The name from the "Team Boy" box was Greg (stepdad) seen above and the name drawn from "Team Girl" is Norma who is my MIL.  They each received a balloon of the color that went w/ their gender guess.  The balloon that expanded was the winner!  As you can see the blue balloon shows it's a boy. 

Here is my husband and I acting it out as our little family. 

I also had my husband sit down w/ these HersHEy bars and color w/ a sharpie the "HE" part to show we were having a "HE".  These were set out after the reveal!

I also brought out this poster that I quickly made up to announce the name of the baby and so everyone could view the ultra sound photos of Zachary.

Anyways.......  so that is what I've been up to since I posted last.  It's been a few days too long so I do apologize for that but at least this time I have pictures to share and in that is some craftiness on my part since I've horribly lacked in this department!!!

Inspired by Zachary Paul


  1. That is so fun! I have both girls and boys and I tell you the boys are so sweet. Girls are really hard in the teenage years. My Godson recently announced his girlfriend is expecting and how they told people the sex was to make chocolate cupcakes and then when you bite in there was pink in the middle.:)

    1. I defniitely know my son is super sweet! Hopefully so will this next one! Maybe there will still be a girl in our future though! There are some really cool ideas for gender reveals these days. I was going to do a baloon release but that became super popular so I wanted to do something different. Didn't go entirely as planned but everyone figured out that it's a boy!