Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh Potty Training!

Enough said!!  So a small backstory....
My son Gregory turned 2 in April.  I've heard and read that the average age for a boy to potty train is 3 now days.  "Okay cool, I'm in no hurry"!  I had very little reason to think Gregory would be ready before his 3rd birthday.  Although very smart and has used the potty many times before bathtime and recently before bedtime b/c he kept wetting through his diaper at night; I still just haven't thought him to be ready for such a big commitment.  Well the two boys I babysit that are right around Gregory's age have been using the potty.  One of them for a little while now and the other started just 3 weeks ago.  This apparently had caught Gregory's attention and he began asking to go potty randomly.  My husband and I had a sit down and agreed that we would get the pullups that I had bought on clearance down and we would give it a try.... I mean the kid is asking to do it so lets see where it goes.  So we began "potty training" on Saturday.  I had heard to take them every 30 minutes that way they figure out they go potty in the toilet.  So this is what we were going w/; sometimes he would pee but sometimes he didn't but he stayed dry except for a small tinkle one time.  This was great for Gregory until about half way through the day.  He became very frustrated that he was having to go to the restroom all the time and not b/c he wanted to but b/c we were making him.  He started whineing whenever we would mention it.  So we realized every 30 minutes was a little much for our guy so we began asking him repeatedly if he needed to go potty until he said yes unless it seemed like it had been a while and then we would just take him but this worked and he continued to say "yes" when he needed to go and he stayed dry. 
Jumping to Sunday........  Gregory on his 2nd day potty training ended up having 4 accidents where the first day he only had the 1.  When mentioning going to the potty he would protest.  "No potty!"
To Monday.......  Gregory continued to protest the potty and would need to be carried into the bathroom and would try to get away when taking his pants off.  Then he began peeing in his pullup.  He was however still going in the potty when taken but even if it had just been 30 minutes since he had gone last he would have still peed in his pullup.  What to do!?!?!?!
At this point I was very frustrated and I'm sure so was Gregory b/c he wasn't even getting potty prizes b/c he kept wetting his pullup!  I put in a call to a seasoned momma and babysitter friend of mine.  This lady babysat me from 2 weeks-12 years and still babysits to this day.  I also talked to some other momma friends who have potty trained.  I know some ppl frown on pullups but I've seen kids train using pullups and easily and w/ little mess when accidents did happen <~ I really like that part!  Before it was all said and done Mike and I decided Gregory just wasn't ready and we would be throwing in the towel.  The more I thought about this the more it bothered me that after just 3 days we had given up on Gregory.  I do not want him to get frustrated and I realize he has started shutting down on us but feel that we should at least give him a chance.... but the way things have been going just isn't going to work. 
So New Plan!  We have decided to go big boy undies cold turkey w/ plastic covers!!!!  Still some mess I'm sure but better than pee and poop all over my house!  Anyways.... we have decided that starting tomorrow morning Gregory will be put into big boy underwear.  Many people swear by this method and I do realize that pullups probably feel a lot like a diaper and heck Gregory called it a diaper even though we always called it a pullup.  The idea is that Gregory will feel the wetness of his pee and be uncomfortable and want to go in the potty instead plus maybe not want to pee on his friend on the underwear (cars characters!).  We have decided to do this until Friday and see how Gregory does...if there is improvement, if he continues to just pee on them or if he worsens.  If by Friday he shows no improvement or is still showing signs of shutting down we will stop.  As I said I didn't plan to potty train him yet anyways so it really doesn't bother me to go back to diapers and altho frustration in children is a part of life I don't want to turn him against the potty all together.  But maybe he will surprise us?!  But either way we will be able to know that we at least gave him half a chance!  I'm so interested to see how he does in the morning when he isn't in a diaper/pullup but in just thin cotton undies!  Maybe at his cognitive level he will realize it's very different from his diapers b/c I don't think that at his level he realized the difference w/ the pullups. 
Wish me luck b/c I'm really going to need it!

Inspired by Potty Training Frustration!

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