Monday, March 12, 2012

Gregory's 2nd Birthday Shirt

Here is the last of many birthday gifts I've made for Gregory's upcoming 2nd birthday!  Finally done with gifts and now I have to move on to decorations!

So last year I had no idea how to do an Applique so I paid $18 for a 1st birthday shirt for Gregory that had a "1" appliqued on the shirt along with his name embroidered on the shirt.  Of course I still don't do embroidery but thanks to blogland I've realized that appliques are doable and once I actually did one I realized it was actually quite easy!  So this year I decided to save some birthday funds and make his 2nd birthday shirt myself and I'm quite happy with it!

I bought this t-shirt at Walmart for $ has a pocket but thanks to a blog I had come across all you have to do is use a seam ripper and you can get rid of that pocket quite quickly!
Looks like there was never a pocket there!

I then used a stencil to cut a G out of some black fabric and then as seen here I took an embroidery needle and some embroidery thread and then sewn a white line down the center of the G to make it look like a road.

Maybe I should mention that Gregory's birthday theme is all things with, trucks, motorcycles..... Gregory loves them all!  (colors are black, blue and bright green)

Thanks to my stepmom I decided to applique our last name on the back of Gregory's birthday shirt.
A closer the appliques are not perfect but I'm proud of it!

Here is the front of the shirt. I appliqued the G onto the shirt after I sewed the road down the middle. I then Applqued the 2 in the corner....G squared!....I then Appliqued our last name on the back of the shirt and then sewed two little car buttons I found at Walmart for just under $2. I think it's pretty cute and more importantly I think Gregory is going to love it!

Inspired by Gregory's 2nd Birthday Party!

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