Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Venting

I missed posting anything last week; what a slacker I am!!!  Really no excuse for it since I only make like 1 post a week!  I thought about it a few times but never sat down and did any blogging.  A small part b/c I didn't have anything specific to blog about but mostly b/c I just didn't make time for it.  NO EXCUSE!  On another note I am currently in a mood.  My 2 year old has taken quite well to whining and since the hubby works 2nd shift I get to listen to this and be entertainer, disciplinarian, cook, maid...etc. all by myself and I'm just frustrated w/ it right now.  So I put in a movie and am getting a few moments of peace; who knows how much time I will actually get though.  Trying not to complain as I have the best blessing in the world in the form of a 2 year old and I'm prego w/ baby boy #2 and a great hubby and all this great stuff but of course in the middle of all these blessings life is moving really fast and I feel a tad overwhelmed.  For whatever reason I thought that after Christmas I would have 3 months to prepare for baby...that is more than enough since it's another boy and I have pretty much everything I really need but then my stepmom pointed out that I actually only have 2 months.  Holy Moly!!!  I'm also growing at a ridiculous weight!  I gained 60lbs w/ my first son and swore I wasn't going to do that this time.  I "try" to eat better and I am exercising this time around but that doesn't seem to matter..... I feel like such a failure in this.  We broke ground for the addition being built to our home and it's moving right along but there is a long road ahead as my hubby, dad and granpa are doing it themselves, I'm fine w/ this b/c we can pay as we go but it's still overwhelming to think of all the money we still have to put into this!  I did get a better photo editing software thanks to a tip from a lady I know that is trying to get into photography as well.... I haven't used it much but then again I haven't taken many pictures either.  Where to find the time!?!?!  So there is my venting party.....I do have a project to share but in that is some frustration as well.  Ugh, I'm a load of cheerfulness I know and I'm sorry!

So I'm not sure if I mentioned that I decided to knit a baby blanket for baby boy #2 who is Zachary.  I started one w/ my first son but I didn't get far at all!!!  This time I actually finished it!  I get carpal tunnel in my hands induced by pregnancy so I paced myself a little doing a couple of lines a night.  I have a vision of a navy and gray theme to Zachary's bedding but it's not as easy as you would think to find so I decided to knit him a gray blanket to match the gray hat I bought him for newborn pics.  (Okay now it's coming back to me that I have mentioned this in another post...anyways!)  So I wanted it to be larger than a scarf of course so I did like 100 stitches and just took off from there and here is the result to share.

Do you see the issue?  It's's like a wide scarf!!!  Yes I'll be able to swaddle Zachary in it until he gets too tall and it will do for pictures but not my idea of a blanket so I'm a tad frustrated by it.  Of course I'm sure I could add to it but at this point I'm not feeling it plus as time goes by my carpal tunnel gets worse and I have other fish (projects) to fry w/ holidays and then baby coming quickly afterward.  So yes this blanket will get used and everything but I'm not thrilled w/ it at all!

Just a pictures to show that it is gray and knitted since the other picture was mean't to show more the shape.  Sorry no fancy new camera pics....too lazy to pull that camera out I guess.  One down fall to a really nice camera is that you can't just whip it out and snap a shot.... that is why my point and shoot will be sticking around!!!

So now that this project is done I get to move on to working on the Batman cape for my son.  Not happy that I'm signing off on a project that I am not super happy w/ but I guess you just gotta move on something!?

Inspired by Zachary's blanket....swaddler?

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